Save the Inauguration Part II – The breaches of law can be pardoned the day after and if Trump wants to be magnanimous he can pardon also the leftwingers who will breach the law, or only ours. There’s so much at stake we must not lose it.

inaugurationMy call for Patriots inside the army, the police, the National Guard to organize an alternative extra security plan for the 20th of January under a purely patriotic hierarchy is safe because when Trump is President effectively he can pardon everybody and name Supreme Court Justice judges etc. If he feels embarrassed by pardoning only his supporters’ eventual breaches of law, as supporters I mean also armed police officers and soldiers in disguise in the streets or inside the National Guard hierarchy, he can always pardon also the leftwingers and so look magnanimous, I don’t want to scare Trump, but more than one person feel too much bad at ease with this ballet of the change of the National Guard’s commander in the middle of the inauguration and the leftwingers we are expelling definitely from the Oval office are pedophiles who have such pieces of “art” in their private galleries, as Maurizio Blondet says “I didn’t know whether I wanted to show

you” link screenshot-at-2017-01-19-194446

This is from Tony Podesta, John Podesta’s brother, private art collection, it’s children in debasing and disturbing images and this is the part they don’t hide.

What I mean is, you patriots are expelling child abusers from the White House, and these people have no conscience: you must save Trump’s inauguration. Hillary Clinton was the sickest person with the sickest advisors and “friends” in the world and even if some minor leftwingers are in good faith we cannot have to pay for it.

Get seriously an agreement with Trump’s Generals and his “fedelissimi” to avoid the shots at the inauguration if you have to do it, to break the law get an assurance that you will first of all have the material classified and then be pardoned.

I know what people may think, that we italians don’t consider the laws particularly binding, that’s not exact, but I smell too stronlgy that they want to kill him, and if I didn’t come with a solution, after pushing and supporting Trump who would? Now I want him alive. We must never have a Podesta in the White House, it’s not my fault if Hillary Clinton is sick and sold to the devil and Obama pretends not to see. I don’t believe Obama is a pedophile, but I believe he pretended  not to understand what Podesta is. Like Prince Charles with Savile or better probably Charles was a pedophile himself. Pedophiles must not enter the White House and Palaces of power. Never.

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