Paris Conference: why this time I stand with Kerry; When Jesus Christ was born Israel was no sovereign nation, it was a roman province, probably when Christ comes back again it won’t be a sovereign nation either.


The israeli authorities were very unfair to the others and ask for the jews what they don’t give to the non-jews: This must end.

I’ll be brief, ’cause I have eyesore and can’t read or write at the computer for so long as I used to, there was Brexit, Trump’s elections now the inauguration and I went internet addict and it wasn’t healthy, now I really must be short and shut the computer down; well, to the christian friends of Israel I say, when Jesus came to earth Israel was no sovereign nation governed by a jewish authority, the jews lived there, some of them were already in Rome as I know, Saint Paul was a roman citizen and the political power was firmly in the hands of the roman emperor and administered by the roman governor for Iudea that, when Jesus was crucified was of course Pilatus, but the jews lived there and were free to worship Adonai according to their traditions, the romans let them religiously free, probably God blessed them also for this reason.

What I mean is that the christians have no religious duty to support a political entity called Israel as long as the jews are free to live in Iudea and worship, the christians have no duty to cover up the Mossad’s deeds or to stand politically for the jewish state, the jewish state is very unjust and while requiring respect and civil rights for jews abroad it doesn’t give the same to the non jews in there, moreover Netanyahu out of revenge and disrespect called the ambassadors for a political meeting on Christmas day and he did it on purpose to show off he doesn care about us, the christian ambassadors said “can you imagine if we in Italy had called the israeli ambassador for work on the day of Kippur?” This is what’s really going on: disrespect and not giving to the others what they require for themselves abroad, included spy games and Mossad agents and double nationals on every crime scene since 9/11 or maybe even before that. I support Kerry this time and honestly I believe when Jesus Christ comes back again, though the jews will be free to live and worship in Palestine, Iudea won’t be an israeli sovereign state. The political Israel is over.


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