Important Message for the Readers and thanks Charles Patterson.


Paola Distilo Editor

Dear Readers I have eyesore and I must shut the computer down, before slowing down the internet activity I want you to know that, no, the Illuminati haven’t caught me or done anything to me, I really cannot stand the computer screen any longer I probably exaggerated the activity, I don’t just write I also read a lot and now I must stop for a while or write more rarely until the eyesore disappears.

I want to thank you and particularly to thank Charles Patterson that’s defending me from an internet lefty commentator who says I shouldn’t comment on american history (is she crazy?) or getting interested in the removal of Generals, Thanks Charles, I am sorry I must shut the computer now.

I think I’ll be back in full activity in a while.

I hope the inauguration goes well, thanks to all the heroes and to Gen Schwartz for wanting to complete his duty. I must go now.


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