Pope Francis and the no-borders are criminals, justifying the illegals they push more to try, you must repatriate them all and stop. Migrant ship sinks off Libyan coast as Pope Francis demands to protect young refugees | Daily Mail Online

They can boast about their “values” trying to look good, but in reality I think both Pope Francis and the laic no-borders are criminals: because they go on calling for welcoming the illegals and not for the repatriation while the perspective of the repatriation would make people stop trying the illegal journey, but they no, they call for settling in Europe the ones who survive actually prizing them and  pushing more to try.

Europe must send back to Africa and Asia all the people who reach its land with these means: we don’t want to be colonized by africans and they if they want to immigrate must stick to the rules: never do the amnesty for the illegal immigrants, Pope Francis is pitiless. They must be resettled in safe places but in Africa or Asia, clandestine immigration to Europe must stop and be reverted, Heinz-Christian Strache is right, to call for “minus immigration quotas” aka sending away the ones who are already here unless needed by society and to stop allowing catholic charities like Charitas or laic charities like the NGOs having any right on handling the problem. Heinz-Christian Strache is not a do-gooder but he’s more normally moral, while all these communist and charitable “christian” or israeli NGOs are somewhat smooth and morally ambiguous because let’s tell the truth, a fascist insults you right in the face if he hates you, these people want to destroy Europe and use the immigrants no matter how many drown, how many unable to pay the smuggling fee are sold as slaves or used for the traffic of organs, this is why their true declared aim is to “destroy the fascist european states” so the immigrants are a tool and a couple of tools drowned for them is a price worthy paying – it’s not they who drown after all – for the “destruction of the fascist white states”.

They really don’t care, their true aim is to destroy us not to help the immigrants; they must be arrested. Also Pope Francis and I mean it. Christian Strache must be another born catholic fed up with the smoothness and ambiguity of the priests. Welcome, Christian, you are not the first, not the only one or the last.

The NGOs and Charitas must stay away from power.

Italy’s coast guard said only four people survived the sinking of a migrant ship carrying around 100 people that went down 30 miles off the Libyan coast on Saturday. Only eight bodies were recovered.

Source: Migrant ship sinks off Libyan coast as Pope Francis demands to protect young refugees | Daily Mail Online

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