Dear Readers, I’ve got a problem with youtube, I cannot reply to some of the comments, they are mainly complimentary, thanks, we do create a bubble, but to the leftist who says I advocate violence, well, they leftists must calm down first, Readers.

I have to answer to a couple of comments on youtube, I cannot reply directly there because it fails to post, it’s mainly right wing, sympathetic compliments and people who agree with me, thanks, but sometimes a leftist tries to enter the bubble, no trolling anyway, they argue, but in first place I don’t accept by people who say they are organizing disruptions and defend the black lives matter & co. that I advocate violence, yes, in response to the leftists’ violence I wouldn’t sat down there and leave anyone insulting me or beating a Trump’s supporter “because he’s a fascist” et similia, they must realize what they are really doing I do not accept moral lessons by them as for the culture and the ignorance either they’re idiots or they are ignorant themselves: obviously to change the chief of the national guard who has to oversee the security plan – a plan he has drawn as commander- during the inauguration is a strategically nonsensical action if you care about the protection plan to run smooth, there isn’t one single reason why Schwartz should be removed at 12.01 on the 20th of January, not one and I think Schwartz knows it. I don’t like the leftists even more than I used to. They are stupid or in bad faith. They must accept Trump – Pence for four years and stop. It’s they who claim they are planning disruptions, I would respond, it’s they who must calm down. Dear.


The real situation about the firing of Gen Schwartz in reality is so unclear that Breibart reports how the Washington Post changes version of the story from one day to another even cancelling quotes by Gen. Schwartz that in the previous version were given as statements of the General, so in reality there’s no official version at present, moreover while the WP says Trump’s team sacks General Schwartz, Infowars reports that it’s Obama who took the decision, this for the ones who claim there is no issue, something to be checked  anyway.

As for the comments I told you, sometimes they don’t work, if necessary I answer from here.


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