With the actual world Demography the NWO is impossible, Davos people sealed off half of a mountain to discuss… -sic- open borders; they inform us, as if it were normal, they’ll experience the life of a refugee for half an hour in the basement of a four stars Hilton. Call the doctor.


World Economic Forum about open borders sealed off in Switzerland, the least open border country in the world

If the NWO could be done, I still believe the people who want to do it actually are nowhere near having the ability to do it. They are clueless; we take such information from them: they first of all sealed off half a mountain to discuss “open borders” which is already a contradiction in terms, then they’ll go in the basement of a four stars Hilton to…experience for a half an hour the life a refugee; in their wicked mind “to experience for half an hour in the basement of a moderately luxury hotel ‘the life of a refugee'” would give them the moral authority to impose millions of real refugees to us in our streets that cannot be sealed off while they will seal themselves off again from the rest of the dirty, smelly world till the next photo-opportunity near a child possibly non white to show off how good they are, to lecture, try and lecture the world from the grammy awards stage about poverty and exclusion dressed with a non less than $5000 – $10.000 cloth but when we’re not around $ 5.000 is the price of a mini Prada clutch, the little one, the portmonnai: I am nauseated by these people; I would like to know what do they think to obtain with half an hour life of a refugee in a Hilton, and then I think “are refugees supposed to live in four stars Hiltons?” The best of the worst is…him David Miliband the one who earns a fortune telling the others to give money to the poor and take refugees, always from the height of being an israeli. We don’t feel guilty for the holocaust, stay away from here, Dave. Get out.

Trump, if he wanted he could seal himself off the world and pretend the border with Mexico was ok, he decided to talk like an american man not like an american billionaire, even in Mexico people say with the border controls there’s less crime and life is better.

Sometimes I despise the swiss government because it provides security and extra protection, gun protection, and privacy to these “open borders” “no-guns” little miserable group. I wouldn’t: let’s be clear, Swiss citizens, they criticize and call fasci-nazi everything Switzerland stands for and everything they ask the swiss government to do for themselves and their own security. I wouldn’t give them or I would forget the door open.

With the actual world demography, aka 6 billions human beings, the open borders, their NWO, cannot be done, otherwise they for the firsts wouldn’t close themselves in a closed mountain inside the most closed, least open borders country in the world: precisely Switzerland. Can they count at the grammy awards? I prefer Trump and Christian Strache and Marine LePen and yes, also a good alliance with Vladimir Putin they are more normal, less convinced to be superior, to have the right to close themselves in exclusive circles and impose the invasion to the others, exclusive circles that like the Vatican even if they boast about being multiracial in reality select very carefully the people who can join, unlike the refugees who should have the right to go where they like and to enter because they like it, no wall etc. this to make clear to Meryl Streep that no, the super-exclusive hollywood is not representative of an open borders non-exclusive society, no matter what pope Francis says, as a tough italian rapper once said “You’re  a showgirl, you’re a Heather Parisi”.


Pope Francis, Meryl Streep, for them the no-border is just a show an Illuminati show, like this one above

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