No Intelligence Sharing? No NATO Protection. Go and fight against Russia and Assad – who are doing nothing but they hate them – the way you can with your own means. Oh, but no, leave them alone and they would demilitarize the East suddenly. Leave them alone, Trump.

I can’t stand the actual British and Israeli governments’ attitude towards Trump. They splash in the face of everybody, after having done intelligence sharing with Obama who was really mean, that they won’t do it with Trump, because Trump is blackmailable by the “russian” this after their own british spy was caught inventing stories and writing a dossier like a third level dirty novelist, I mean, he sat down and wrote: “Trump went with prostitutes and they did this and that”, the USA should only take revenge on the MI6 for de facto producing the dossier, it’s easy to say the government’s got nothing to do with it, and the MI6 either, while they themselves go on pretending to believe their own anti-hygienic sex novel, commissioned they say by Jeb Bush the enemy of Trump. Trump should impose either intelligence sharing or you can protect yourselves by yourselves when “Russia” invades you and have no NATO protection, I mean, how dare they?

They are lucky only because Russia is not in fact invading anything, they lie about Russia just like they lie about Trump and the dossier they wrote it themselves, the fu***g MI6 wrote it ok? And now the MI6 says “Putin’s got material on Trump” which material? Bitches and prostitutes? The material you wrote? Dirty habits like whom? Like Boris Johnson, Prince Charles – also males and little boys they say this is your true reputation – not to mention Cameron the pig and Osborne cocaine dominatrix etc. This is the kind of stuff Putin’s got? But Putin cannot blackmail UK politicians because their stuff is on every newspaper, Trump in comparison is just more normal than the average british aristo or high ranking official.

The britons sexually are probably the most corrupted people in the West, Trump and Putin and Assad will get along well.

We think the MI6 produced the dossier using an ex-spy and now tries to pretend to believe its own lies.

Very sad end for the special relationship.

And the other? The israeli? Really he trusted Obama more than Trump?

And this after Obama who spied on everyone and blackmailed when he could and refused the Winston Churchill’s statue was respected like anyone else, oh but they were given the order to do so and obeyed. Stay alone


I can’t believe what’s going on really. Add that they still insist to try and pull the USA – with whom they boast about not sharing information – to make their war against Russia. Yes, a little bit like this. Add that the “secret services” can always not share information if they don’t like, but this time they wanted to tell the newspapers to insult Trump. Who believes Israel has ever shared all the intelligence they had, come on. But to say so…

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