How dare they; after Israel and UK shared Intelligence with Obama who did spy on Netanyahu and Merkel and allegedely balckmailed her into opening the door to the illegals now UK spies say they WILL NOT share intelligence with Trump | UK | News | Daily Express

I still can’t say what to think about Israel , I have jewish readers who are pro Trump and dislike obviously my anti-Israeli stance, it is also true that it was an israeli journalist that warned us that in the USA the CIA is so much against Trump that they told the israeli spies not to share intelligence with their country, now even the UK comes out . And why on earth should the “secret” services be coming so out to splash in the face of the world that they won’t do intelligence sharing with America? How dare they? And why didn’t they keep it secret? Because they still hope – uselessly – to use it politically to try and “destroy” Trump’s credibility while losing totally their own instead. After Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner said they were not impressed by Boris Johnson and the talks in fact “didn’t go well”, what did you expect? A bit more intelligence and a little more respect; I mean, this is for Netanyahu: he does know that Obama spied both on him and on Angela Merkel and we are hearing hard rumours that the self destructive open doors policy of Merkel’s wasn’t for feeling guilty for the Holocaust but because the hard leftists of America aka Obama black mailed her, and now, after you know that Obama spied on you and even used the material he got, little dirty man, now you say aloud “I won’t share Intelligence with Trump” because a criminal like George HW Bush and the dirtiest pro-Hillary CIA seniores, whom Trump will oust, tell you so?

Go and dig the land as next job. Shut up and listen to the speaker of the video linked, the actual steering group of the CIA is all pro-Hillary, Skull&Bones and war criminals and they’ve always spied on people.

This is happening 5 days till the dawn. I hope.

BRITISH spies will “hold back” sensitive information from Donald Trump until they can be sure he is trustworthy, an intelligence source has claimed.

Source: UK spies say they WILL NOT share intelligence with Trump | UK | News | Daily Express

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