A bit of Clarity about Russian Meddling: Russian Bank did make a loan to Marine LePen’s FN and then? Rothschild controlled banks give millions to all the hard-leftists pro-immigrants pro-gender parties and they are Israelis. So what? The Russians are better the same.


Marine LePen’s Front National is not only a normal good Party, it is not Rothschilds-bankrolled which makes her independent from Israeli meddling.

When they talk about “russian meddling” they should clarify what they mean, if they mean that, after being refused a loan by all the western banks she could find, Marine LePen found honestly a loan by a russian bank for the Front National this is true and if it is a scandal, the scandal is not that the russian bank gave the loan, but the opposite: that all the banks she could find in the West while giving it to all the dirtiest pro-gender, pro-immigration hard leftists parties they refused it to the National Front, why? Because Rothschild controls the banks in the west while the israeli clan fortunately does not control either the russian banking system or the syrian one which thing says a lot on their obsession with Assad-must-fall Putin-must-go-to-hell and Trump is unelectable etc.

The Rothschilds are de facto israelis and they do fund and oblige all the banks under their control to fund exclusively parties and political movements pro-gender and pro-immigration in the West while keeping Israel for themselves – in their dreams, in reality there are the Palestinians-

I don’t understand why, to take money or a loan by an israeli-controlled bank to destroy your country and the sexuality of children – which is truly wicked – should be considered acceptable while to take a loan by a russian bank, legally, should not, remember that in Italy the pro-gender Rothschild-bankrolled Left manged to impose an Education Minister without High School Degree only because she promised to introduce the gender in the schools which move was luckily blocked by a conservative party ally. The vlogger “syrian girl” had warned us: they’ve got it against Assad and Putin because they do not cede the control of the russian and syrian central banks to Rothschild, the absurd superpower – to be disintegrated soon – of Israel does not come from “the sense of guilt for the Holocaust” Holocaust financed by Kuhn Loeb & Co. jewish bankers under Rothschild them too, but by the control of the banks by this mafia israeli family — and I call them israeli. For us, to have a multipolar of power society and not the power on the money all in the same hands is better, much better, this is why first they tried to convince Trump to make a war against Putin, when they realized Trump didn’t want to follow this path they tried to destroy him, they are going crazy, God make the just win.

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