Patriots’s and Democratic People’s Call: Trump must be safe, as a Person, as President Elect and then as President of the USA. -Video –

We must avoid a Kennedy bis.

It looks like the globalists want to create a vacuum in the security system at 12,01 on the 20th of Jan. when Gen. Schwartz was asked/ordered to remove himself from duty and he’ll be substituted by we don’t know whom yet and we don’t know why the name of the substitute is kept secret. Look out;

if this new one is an israeli double national he/she’s also 99% an israeli double agent, he might allow a disruption of useless rioters and cause a chaos and then someone shoots. The rioters alone cannot do anything against the National Guard and/or the Police, when they do damages it’s because of a betrayal of the security system from the height and they let them enter zones where they are not supposed to enter because the leaders of the White House give this order to the chiefs of the police and tell them to stand down and let them pass. Obviously the rioters are just boys, unarmed or poorly armed men and women if there’s no betrayal from height they can’t technically do anything and this must be clear.

In Dallas when Kennedy was shot – in a totally military controlled area – Kay Griggs said it was an israeli sniper who had access to the military secure zone who did the assassination. Israel wants two things that Trump doesn’t give them: war against Syria and war against Russia. I add also a prayer for God to enlighten the minds and give strength to the just. May the just win. Please say Amen at the end of the prayer.

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