Obama is the vilest person in the world. Not only he gave orders to Baltimore Police to stand down during the riots to help and give place to the rioters, now he’s actively plotting against President-elect removing his protection during the swearing.

Obama really disgusts me, they are planning the disruption into the inauguration and the assassination of President Elect Donald Trump, I don’t care about the leftists, they make me vomit I don’t leave my society to them, Obama is together with Soros not an american man, he’s just a NWO man, he gave orders to the police and the National Guard to allow clandestine immigration to the USA, he gave orders to the National Guard to stand down during the Baltimore riots to allow the rioters destroy private properties, he’s a communist who needed to hide both his origins and his University degree thesis; now let alone his birth certificate that experts claim it’s blatantly fake, son of a bitch who hides his origins, but why also his graduation thesis is locked and cannot be read publicly? Because he’s a communist against America, he’s the major traitor of all: he deserves getting shot and the leftists who support him deserve getting shot with them. I don’t give a fuck. Kill Trump and then I want a civil war with all the american soldiers and police officers who voted Trump killing fucking Obama and the fucking rioters and the fucking snowflakes, so at least they’ll cry for something real.

Come on, cazzo, kill Trump during the inauguration. Come on, the next person shot will be that bitch of Michelle Obama, and next I want soldiers and police officers smashing the properties of Soros and Rockefeller devastating them and kill them togetehr with their servants and bitches. I promise you the italian way. Come on fucking traitors, kill the President. Snowflakes will have no fucking safe places, they will finally see something that hurts and hurts a lot. Kill Trump and you’ll have a civil war and then I must have the satisfaction to have Obama shot. But on his knees.

Paola Distilo

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