Three years for kicking an effing immigrant in a crowd of invaders? Is the immigrant a holy cow? Excuse me, stupid judges, but it was the immigrants who were having a disorderly behaviour! How many years do you give them?

The news of three years probation to a journalist for kicking a migrant would make the immigrants the holy cows of society; this must be repealed, a kick can never be worthy jail and as for the disorderly behaviour it was the effing migrants behaving like a crowd of invaders and they were running away nothing, in Serbia there was no war: they were just invaders, this sentence must be annulled.


While the jews self confess they paid the NGOs to do the invasion:


krew6666665 hours agoHighlighted comment
Because you goyim and bad boy Hitler cooked 6 trillion of us Jews,turned us into soap, toothpaste, axle grease,and other household products…well,we figured you could use some company…we decided to give some shekels to our NGO’s…you will like your new neighbors…2 million Congolese,3 million Somalians, a few million of uhh the Sand peoples..Pakis,ect..and we’ll toss in few million Nigerians on the house… After all,we are all the same,inclusive is the way to go… Here in Israel,they get the forced sterilization,and we call em “cancer”…that’s because we love our schwartza… Just tell your women to dress like Darth Vader,and you will get along fine with em..

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