The supposed soft Brexit with transitional deal appears to be much harder than the officially Hard Brexit, ’cause the EU wants revenge and ten years under the EU Court of Justice for the UK. Prominent Brexiter Syed Kamall says better scrap it all and revert to WTO rules. I agree.


Syed Kamall Tory MEP for London and prominent Brexiter

Soft and hard Brexit are confusing terms, maybe it is true we must do things much clearer and quicker, the EU has revealed by the likes of maltese Prime Minister Muscat, Juncker and co. that, given the supposedly “soft” path with transitional deal they would use it to take revenge on the UK – what elegance btw – even that they wouldn’t lose the bone of the controlling hand on the UK dragging the transitional deal for ten years and during these ten years the ruling Court would be theirs, the European Court of Justice and moreover, until the “deal” – what a deal – is completed, aka ten years, the UK must not have the right to strike any new trade deals outside of the EU. This is the “soft” brexit: giving the knife’s grip to the EU and hoping – uselessly – that they are good. In this contest the soft brexit looks much harder and soul-tearing than the hard cut-clean brexit, which means you revert to the WTO rules and take back control as soon as you invoke Article 50: you’re not asking any deal, you just “communicate” not “ask” that you left and are free to trade outside of the EU from the day after. This line is the approach of many Tories and Ukippers and was outlined also by the MEP for London – conservative – Syed Kamall who stated that they the Britons may want a deal but not at any price, they must make clear that at a certain point to get out “without any deal at all” is also a very good option, it doesn’t mean you cannot trade, after all, it means only that you trade with the miserable 3% tariff.

I agree with Mr. Kamall, I believe that to give Brussels a knife and having to tolerate Juncker another five minutes saying nonsense and moreover having to wait years to strike new trade deals outside of the EU is unthinkable. Why do they do like this at the EU? Obvious, they fear the end of the Brussels construction. But that’s a problem of theirs, I believe it’s simply too late to save it and no one really wants to save it, even less with Angela Merkel’s Germany-led european army at the horizon, I don’t want it. The EU project is failed who can save himself, save himself. Getting out with no deal is the best deal.

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