Lady Chakrabarti and Corbyn are right about Antisemitism, Russia and MiddleEast, Farage and Trump should open their eyes. And be fair.


Baroness Chakrabarti and Nigel Farage

At least she talks to Nigel Farage, unlike certain Tories who don’t want “to share platform” with Nigel, even Boris Johnson who’s less smug than the others, was barred from talking at the same event where Farage would participate for they, for some strange reasons no one really understood, were supposed not to “share platform” with him.

I support Farage and Trump, but I must say, Lady Chakrabarti defended us all: we can attack Israel and condemn what the israelis and the jewish lobbyists do without being accused of antisemitism, and Trump must open his eyes; He’s giving to the Jews so much, like anyone else before him, he wants to move the american embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and you would expect some israeli celebrities, a Natalie Portman or that happy s*ut of Sarah Jessica Parker to at least say “thanks, it means a lot for me” if they’re not authorized to say “for us” by other never surrender anti Trump jewish organizations. I would, they don’t: they cash in, they bank the gift, because it is a gift after all he could leave the embassy in Tel Aviv like all the Presidents included Clinton and Obama they support like worshippers – no matter what they really think about them – did before him, and still shut up. Natalie Portman looks like a Sphinx, the other israeli or israeli friendly celebs keep silent and smile saddened by the fact that their democrats didn’t win and still wait to cash in the gift without saying thanks.

I wouldn’t give them: I mean it’s not that they have to like whatever he does, but at least defending him openly when he’s accused of being a nazi? a KKK? No, the Ann Frank Center etc. and the despicable ADL came out, after the leftists compared any dog and cat in the street to the Nazis crying they were “like Hitler”, for once that Boris Johnson compared the EU, which is undemocratic totally, to nazi Germany or Trump said “Are we living in nazi Germany?” then they jump from the seat and say he shouldn’t do it: I despise them, and I wouldn’t give them any Jerusalem, they must openly as Jews defend Trump from the ACCUSATION OF BEING LIKE THE NAZIS or like KKK or they can stay in Tel Aviv; whenever the nazis gave Jerusalem to the Jews? I can’t remember such nazis.

As for Lady Chakrabarti and Corbyn they are defending free speech and don’t want war with Russia and this is very honorable, the israeli spies do worse things and people must not be intimidated in attacking them openly, moreover for the above said reasons I don’t see the Jews very much thankful to their friends. I’d put them back at the wall: either you support and thank openly Trump as Jews or I wouldn’t give them the Holy Land, I mean I am exposing myself, even though people are kind to me, Farage said he cannot walk around Westminster without being harassed, the Jews cannot cash in from both sides, to play the liberals, pro Obama and pro Hillary but then cash in from Trump.

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