From the height of having taken 0 migrant and having sent the boats all to my Italy this Maltese PM Joseph Muscat now says UK ‘will be FORCED to follow EU law 10 years after Brexit’ | UK | News | Daily Express. Send him to hell, him and the EU, they stink.

It’s not about not having taken migrants, I also wouldn’t have taken any, but it’s about this idiot of Maltese PM Muscat, sent ships to take migrants and then instead of taking them to Malta, a microscopic land, I mean, sent them to my Italy: I hate him and despise him; I wouldn’t have taken migrants it’s true, but at least I wouldn’t send around ships to make them land to another country. I despise this man more than I despise the average europhile.

Ten years under the European Court of Justice? F*ck off, idiot.

I give you another better opinion:

Theresa May’s most senior MEP, Syed Kamall, has indicated that the Prime Minister must be tough with EU leaders who were determined to make Britain suffer through Brexit negotiations.

“The UK Government may have to make it clear we will not simply accept any deal and would be prepared to walk away and settle for a World Trade Organisation relationship with the EU, even though we would prefer a tailored EU-UK deal..

Bravo Syed. Enough is enough. And I believe at this point the attempted bullying is enough.

BRITAIN could be forced to obey EU laws for at least 10 years after Brexit, it was claimed last night.

Source: Maltese PM Joseph Muscat says UK ‘will be FORCE to follow EU law 10 years after Brexit’ | UK | News | Daily Express

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