Watch out the Globalists’s new strategy, divide and rule. The latest news are divisive of the western Right Front but come from the Left: “English” patriotism instead of British, Scottish nationalism used by remainers, old offensive form for Italian “eyetie” taken back from the attic, “Nazi” for the white straight males.

“Eyetie” for Italian was so outdated I didn’t even get offended, then I read the explanation: it’s an offensive form for “italian” dated back to the second world war taken from the attic of the old stuff by a BBC drama.

The Scottish Nationalism is being used by the Remainers to try and water down Brexit.

Even “english” patriotism instead of “british” patriotism is revived; it may be a response to the scottish nationalism, but I don’t know whether it is the  best response possible.

I’m afraid the new strategy of the globalists is the old “divide and conquer”.

It goes without saying that if you’re white blond blue eyed and straight male far from being saved from the offensive list, you are on top of it as a Nazi – see Trump.

So, what’s the point? The point is that we are leading ever since the right wingers have gone international and formed an international right wing front and the globalists follow trying to break the Right wing front boosting “micro-nationalism” in the attempt to break it; as I wrote in my article yesterday “Right wing agenda 2017” we must fight as westerners to keep all the West, so we must support Trump, LePen, Orban and Salvini-Meloni etc. so to control the entire western territories on earth, I also like the australian Tony Abbott etc, but since this blog is public we have no secret strategy: the leftists can read it too and now they are trying to boost micro-nationalism to de-empower the brexiteers and in function of empowering the EU, I appeal to the Scots particularly not to let remainers hijack scottish nationalism, because it doesn’t make sense.

The EU single market is wrong in its structure, this means it is wrong also for Scotland, not only for Britain as a whole or Italy or even worse Greece, Greece fell because it was more vulnerable other countries are damaged but still “resist” but to “resist” is not a position of power.

I would do so if I were a Scot. Brexit will cut ties with the EU Single Market leaving the UK free for investments and trade deals, that at the moment are blocked by the affiliation to the single market since this wants the “exclusive” on countries’ economies, now Trump’s America is a big ally for the UK, Australia, New Zealand even Switzerland and Norway are interested in the new trading and investment system profiling itself at the very near horizon after Brexit, in reality the UK should get richer and having a light fiscal and regulation system, unlike the EU that’s got it very and uselessly complicated – here in Italy this winter is very cold – also the global warming was a leftwing invented fake news btw – but the new heating systems for the houses, due to the EU regulations keep the houses barely “warm” for their “ecologist” “energy saving” strategies and you can’t buy another ’cause the EU regulation makes it illegal, now I don’t want to be long, but outside of the EU, Single Market at al., the UK should attract the best investments, so before running away in a rush with another referendum wait at least one full year after the Brexit, you as Scots should have a big slice of the new investments even only for the sake of keeping you where you are in the UK and because the President of the USA’s got scottish origins and loves Scotland, I’m not saying anything else than wait one year instead of rushing after Nick Sturgeon because I’m truly convinced the whole of the UK, Scotland included, should be much better off after Brexit.

And then there is another point: as an italian I don’t trust people who are against british nationalism till the point they treated the good Farage of the “United Kingdom” Independence Party or the lads of the “British” National Party as despicable guys and now suddenly they like the “Scottish” National Party, I am very suspicious and it is obvious that the globalists who hate the UK nationalists cannot really like scottish and english nationalists if not in the hope – vain – to hijack them to empower the crumbling EU.

In reality UKIP should take good votes also in Scotland. Wait and see, the globalists try to take revenge on the big nations that are making their EU crumbling down and try to boost micro-nationalism, don’t you fall into the trap.

PATRIOTISM has boomed in the UK with many Britons considering themselves English over British, a new poll has revealed.

Source: English over British: Poll finds massive surge in patriotism across England in 2016 | UK | News | Daily Express

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