Viktor Orban and Trump stand up to the ADL – they accuse Soros and his pro-invasion comrades without, elegantly, marking that they are Jews, but the ADL accuse them of Antisemitism the same.


Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban is following the Alex Jones’s strategy: I accuse the globalists as globalists, if they’re Jews, since it’s 80% jews, not to stir antisemitism I personally don’t “mark” it. Orban for the rest is in good terms with some israeli politicians, so when he had to accuse Soros and his Open Democracy/Open Society foundation didn’t say they’re jews just like Trump who run an ad against the globalists where they showed “Soros along with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. CEO Lloyd Blankfein, all of whom are Jewish. The Anti-Defamation League criticized the ad for touching on “subjects that anti-Semites have used for ages.”” from

What we’ve got here is the same strategy by Orban and Trump and Alex Jones “I attack them as globalists, if they’re jews it’s collateral” but the globalists still are not thankful, basically it’s like the Anti Defamation League doesn’t want us to say that a jewish criminal is a criminal, we should cover them up not just avoid marking they’re jews, or it’s antisemitism the same, but like this they make me think the ADL is actively part of the globalist strategy. If a jew does a robbery you shouldn’t say it’s a jew who did a robbery, but according to the ADL you shouldn’t say he did a robbery at all, even without marking he’s a jew, only like this it sounds like they are partners in crime. The overwhelming majority of the top globalists they are jews with a minority of disturbing catholics with ties in the Vatican: they did the conspiracy not me, it’s not me who haven’t got to say it, it’s they who must not do it. Ok?

“Orban, a former self-described liberal, anti-communist student leader in the 1980s, has championed relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leaders of China, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan since 2010 to boost trade.” bloomberg

George Soros’ Open Society and Open Democracy contain the word “open” in the name because they are no-border, this while Soros lives in closed areas surrounded by walls, CCTV and guards, I would like an Open Davos and Open Bilderberg instead because the remarkable thing is that the people who insist more on this no-border and “open society” live in bunkers.

Orban intends to lead a crackdown-on-NGOs strategy to set us free from this sell-outs of Soros and globalists because the state nation is certainly wider than the bunkers and the very strict circles all this globalists actually live in.

What’s open in Davos Economic Forum? You can see only barbed wire and snipers, what’s open in Soros mansion? You can see only walls and security guards, what’s open in the lives of Meryl Streep and the other celebrities? They go in mercedes with smoked windows from the bunker where they live to another closed society with pool parties where they meet only other celebrities. Orban and Trump stand with the normal people. We must support them. Is it necessary to tell you that in the jungle they go only surrounded by bodyguards not to be touched and raped for a silly photo-opportunity? The leftist Laura Boldrini when she went to visit the victims of an earthquake asked the bodyguards to be dressed as commoners ’cause she – who’s a committed open borders – didn’t want people to realize how many secuirty men around herself she had. Obviously they don’t mix, they think themselves superior while we don’t think they are such.

Eliminate lefty politicians and masons from the scene. Everywhere.

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