Two bits of Reality – Another Jew appointed in Trump’s Team: far from being “nazi” it’s in reality too jewish; Jeremy Corbyn is better than Theresa May for the military strategy about Russia. Leftists go on talking about a world that does not even exist.


Trump must give his security the Pentagon and the CIA to american only patriots

David Shulkin will run the Department of Veterans Affairs link another Jew in Trump’s team, honestly they are too many, I’m sick, the real problem is that people must stop listening to the lefty nonsense about fascism and nazism and look at reality; Trump’s team is not a nazi team it is the opposite, it is too jewish and risks to be too pro-Israel, I don’t like it, the sexy Omarosa who’s african american was also included in the Team and that’s ok, but I simply don’t believe the leftists are in good faith when they accuse Trump of being a fascist or a racist, if they want no-borders they’ll call Trump or any even moderately right wing politician a “nazi” or a fascist just the same; look at their last absurd banner – and then stop looking at them for it’s a loss of time – they call Trump’s government “illegitimate fascist” why illegitimate? do you even know what it means “illegitimate”? No, you don’t, obviously Trump’s government is perfectly legitimate, they say offensive words hoping that people don’t look at reality, it’s just cheap smear campaign, but people must look at reality, How many jews? How many and what kind of blacks? We don’t want open borders and don’t want to legitimize clandestine immigrants: we are normal you leftists are strange and it’s high time you realize it and become normal yourself. Obama cries, he’s an idiot: he did wrong, he didn’t protect the USA borders, he did the illegal thing of letting clandestine immigrants in, I’m glad he’s over. He’s a liar who gave money to Planned Parenthood, tax-money, even after the scandal of the selling of the unborn babies’ body parts, he basically has no real morality he talks about morality in his speeches only because it sounds good, he’s been a speaker for globalisation.

But let’s go back to us, the jews are three per thousand of the population they should have three per thousand of the jobs, this team is so jewish that the Middle Eastern policy risks to be too much pro-Israel, and the leftists will call you a nazi the same, because by nazi they mean “non-leftist” they don’t really mean “nazi”. Stop with all these zionists and watch your back, for Israel they could kill you, I don’t trust them more than I could trust a snake.

Second bit of reality: Corbyn is better than Theresa May as for the military policy, he wants distention with Russia and stop provoking or trying to provoke the third world war, that stupid of May said she sent troops and typhoons in Eastern Europe to eventually defend them from a russian invasion, there’s no russian invasion and to provoke the war is precisely the neocon strategy, which means Theresa May is deep inside the globalist movement and the neocon movement, no matter what she says – and doesn’t do – about Brexit.

Summarizing the two bits of reality, please switch off when the leftists do their clashes because that’s a clash only to distract you from reality, well these two bits say that Trump’s team is infected by israelis who are loyal only to themselves and to Israel and consider him a goy, so to survive he must have “american only” bodyguards and security men and the Pentagon and the CIA must be in the hands of american only personnel, and Theresa May is a war monger. Between Corbyn and May, Corbyn is better.

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