Right wing agenda 2017: No Amnesty for the Clandestine Immigrants. Support Marine LePen and in the UK don’t focus on Gina Miller, focus on Theresa May: she is tricking you.

Right Wing Agenda first term 2017:

uni_no_amnesty_130520_msIf you have any doubt on whether to do or not to do the amnesty for the clandestine immigrants, you won’t have any doubt any more after reading this, it’s a comment to this video by my Reader and YouTube channel subscriber Corpus Innominata:

“As an American who lived under Ronald Reagan I can assure you that he is NOT “the model.” His full name is Ronald “Amnesty” Reagan. Right after Reagan gave the amnesty all the Euro-American kids in south Texas were no longer able to ride the school buses lest they get a beat-down from the mestizos. Nick Griffin of the BNP would be much closer to “the model.” Even Viktor Orban would be vastly better than Reagan. Here is a quote from Kalergi, the founder of the European Union: “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians*, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process.” It is crazy that Europeans are not smart enough see through this scam called the EU.”

*Ancient Egyptians are the obsession of the masons for a reason or another.

Moreover I also noticed that in America they gave the Death sentence to the white that killed black people a couple of months ago, but they are immorally downplaying the torture four black live matters activists inflicted to a white guy, to reinforce the Black Lives Matter giving the amnesty to more african-asian immigrants is wrong: they must be all sent back home and in this perspective we must support all right wing candidates all across the West, Marine LePen in sweetest France for the first and be against LePen’s enemies, remember that we are acting as westerners, in fact this reader Corpus Innominata is from Texas*, I’m from Italy, LePen is from France etc. we must fight for all the West ’cause as you can see the leftists/globalists help one another: May is against Trump and LePen, we are pro-Trump and LePen etc.

*Yes Texas-USA, I don’t want to be accused like Meryl Streep if I say only Texas (sic).

Point two of the RW-Agenda-2017, watch out Theresa May:

It takes only two months with Christmas Holidays in the middle moreover to make the transition for the most powerful country in the world, Donald Trump was elected in November 17 on the 20th of January he’ll be President effective, the team is ready or almost ready, how much time did it take? 2 months. November and December, oh yes, two months plus…three days.

Brexit was voted of June 23rd, it’s been 7 months and Theresa May is doing nothing, nothing legally effective, nothing legally binding, nothing legal, she has to do the deal, the exit deal. But no, dear Britons I have to inform you that to exit the EU she hasn’t got to do any deal, first she has to exit from the Single Market and then, from the outside, like Canada or Australia she will have to do the deal, this ballet Merkel-May, no free movement – no single market is blatantly staged. To focus on and hate Gina Miller is another loss of time and deviation from reality, since to repeal the 1972 European Community Act the Parliament should be involved the same and the Parliament said it won’t block Brexit, then Theresa May started claiming it’s the House of Lord that was plotting to block Brexit and even menaced that she would close down the house of Lords till the point that the major representative of the House of Lords said it’s untrue “we are not going to block anything”. Then? It’s clear that it’s Theresa May with a little help from the High Court that’s blocking everything. I would like to know this High Court resolution and you bet the day after she invents another story.

In America they are more efficient: “detto fatto” that means “said done” you say it, you do it, you’ve done it, not you say it, then you say it again, then you shut up a week then you re-say it. As for Marine LePen we right wingers all across the world must support her and push her: she’ s like Trump; the UK ambassador cannot do politics in France, they don’t want Marine because she’s not controlled by Freemasonry, in reality Marine wants France to exit the eurozone, like you and me, and the repatriation from Brussels of vital prerogatives like you and me, the very fact that Theresa May’s government takes the freedom to say “we won’t talk to Marine LePen” means outside of their ambiguity that yes, Theresa May is a remainer, she’s pro Macron, le Toy-Boy (maybe she likes him and wants one) but Macron is pro mass immigration, a banker, a Rothschild’s man and wants the european army, so on what political base is consequential tha Theresa May’s government sides with Macron and not LePen if they’re really going to limit mass immigration and wanted out of the EU?

Britons, this woman wants to trick you, the brexiters must put her back at the wall: she must do the European Community Act Repeal Bill in the Parliament this week or make her government fall. Think about the actions not about the words: she was against Trump and against LePen and on the side of Merkel, Hillary Clinton and Macron but these people are pro mass immigration and pro EU, she’s put there to delay and lose time; the brexiters must make her fall. What’s blocking the repeal of the 1972 European Community Act? Neither Gina Miller ’cause this is done in the Parliament, nor the High Court for the same reason, nor the Lisbon Treaty ’cause the Lisbon Treaty says the exiting country must exit “according to its constitutional prerogatives” aka the Repeal Bill and then communicate just communicate the EU; after triggering Article 50, you have two years to rewrite the relationship exited country-EU, not before triggering article 50. This is the Lisbon Treaty, she is pretending.

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