Tony Abbott agrees with me, he says UK should leave EU customs union to strike deals with Commonwealth – So at least the australian immigrants will be already able to speak english if by the way you need workforce.

I like Tony Abbott, he’s a good christian against abortion and against gay marriages and he’s a straightforward kind of man, he says something quite clear that becomes the clearer and clearer in the minds of people who want to see things as they truly are: you have to “cut the leash” through this Brexit if you’re really going to strike new trade deals – “trade only” now they call them like this for fear people may copy Brussels in the attachment of other issues, undesirable, to trade — with the Commonwealth or even only Australia, New Zealand and USA, and if visa free travels rules are relaxed for skilled workers, I mean, at least the skilled workers from Australia and New Zealand can already speak english and this absurdity we read on certain job offer “the staff must be able to speak polish to communicate with the rest of the staff” or even worse an italian or else nationality doctor who cannot understand what the patient says, will be over.

Given that I consider immoral and absurd the british school system that leaves the Country hanging on abroad for doctors and nurses.

Brussels is a mess, it has the wrong rules, be courageous and do it: the hard Brexit.

Britain should leave the European Union’s customs union so it can strike trade deals with “economically advanced” Commonwealth countries, a former prime minister of Australia has said.

Source: Former Australian PM Tony Abbott says UK should leave EU customs union to strike deals with Commonwealth

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