The luck of Donald Trump: I just hate too much his opponents. Leftists dressed like KKK members disrupt Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing | World | News | Daily Express

Well, I believe Donald is better, far better than his opponents, I mean, he put his jewish son il law as senior White House Adviser and his opponents still say he’s like KKK, he’s among the few who want to give Israel Jerusalem, and still he is picted like Grand Master of KKK again: I was thinking about the possibility that the Israelis would have too much power in Trump’s government, then I look at his lefty opponents and surrender: No. Trump manages to be better than the leftists just the same. Gosh, if I hate these people.

In reality I believe the Alt Right thinks more or less like me: “If you look at him, you may not like some of the things he does, and some of his collaborators, then you look at the leftists and you become a Trump’s supporter” I mean, on Infowars just a couple of minutes ago I read that the “Jew York Post” interviewed a half black evangelical pastor about the idea to tax the whites for reparation f****g money for being white with an automatic credit card that gives the money to the blacks; he wasn’t joking: we must defend ourselves. Hail Trump therefore, as for the leftists dressed as KKK you have never seen a real nazi in your life, but you’re calling him.

In the meantime Jared takes power, thanks to the white suprematists; I don’t even think it’s a conspiracy, at this point I think he’s just lucky.

TWO PROTESTERS dressed as Ku Klux Klan members were dragged out of the United States Congress after getting up and shouting at Donald Trump’s nominee for Attorney General.

Source: KKK members disrupt Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing | World | News | Daily Express

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