“Enquiry on a Citizen Superior to any Suspicion” gives a good mirror image of how certain politicians behave with Israel: you know it’s they and you pretend not to understand.

If it were a strategy, to pretend not to understand when it’s the Israelis to attack them suddenly and arrest them I would be glad, but sometimes I’ve got the feeling some politicians simply lie even to themselves and pretend it’s not Israel or the jewish bankers, Rothschild in primis, when it is Israel and the jewish bankers, like Victor.

The anti-western culture or “anti-white” agenda is invented in jewish ambients, jewish Harvard or other University Professors supported by the jewish bankers, Rothschild: they have it against Plato, the jews didn’t produce any philosopher worthy anything, their philosophers are all anti-western “for the Holocaust”. To a commentator to my YouTube channel who defended the EU for Hitler, well I can say, No Hitler is no justification either for the EU or for the State of Israel and even less for the greed of the jewish bankers. But now the jews have raised their heads a lot, it’s all a scam, also the Site by Rita Katz is israeli fake news, to use a term in vogue, Rita Katz is israeli and why on earth should she tell us what ISIS says and what ISIS wants.

Give a glance to this italian movie of the seventies, it’s just a three minutes video and tell me if it’s not Netanyahu looking, they do like this,

If you like the soundtrack – Morricone’s – here it is:

Some people still defend the jews even when they self confess, like Igniatiev


Remember that this dog of an undergraduated jewish professor, who became University professor at Harvard without having himself a University degree – and this people would understand or should be at the height of judging Kant? – because of a strong recommendation by the jewish lobby was finally sacked by Harvard, but make no mistake, he wasn’t sacked for the unacceptable anti-white rants or because he was an undergraduate, he got sacked because he dared and quarrel with a Kosher jewish student and the University of Harvard – why do people still give money away to send their kids to this overrated jewish community whose aim is to dumb down white students? – well having to choose between a kosher jew and a non kosher they chose the kosher. The row was about the use of a toaster that the kosher jew didn’t want other students to use.

Rothschild is the boss. Netanyahu the cop and you, what are you?

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