Theresa May’s and Boris Johnson’s attitude towards Trump is unacceptable: they still think they can treat him from upside down. Donald, hire Steve Pieczenik for cleaning the CIA, he’s a Jew, but a very frank one and not less of a real Patriot.

Boris Johnson visit to the USA - Day 4

Special Relationship: Rothschild men and Rockefeller women

If there is a Jew I like.

I like when I like some Jews, no one really wants to be antisemitic, but with the israeli lobby and Israel doing what they actually do, the temptation is to go into full anti-semitc mode. So, if there is  Jew I really trust – and if I trust, you bet he’s honest – I am personally happy. It’s Steve Pieczenick, Donald, hire him to clean the Secret State’s apparatus, he’s a fierce, cold, anti-communist and anti-traitors – in Italy we know him – he can give a hand and a big one to all of us, to make clear what’s really happening in Estonia “against Putin”. Theresa May is behaving the very wrong way: she cannot treat the President-elect of the USA like she’s superior, she tolerates him, she tells him what to do in Russia putting 0.1% of the UK budget for the military expenses, she talks as if she could tell the Donald what to do because, and this sounds ridiculous honestly she is confident that, I quote, laugh please: “America remains fully committed to Nato as we do.” As you do, madam? If America remains committed to the NATO as you do, it should pull down the military expenses to 0.1% of the GDP, idiot. This is your commitment to NATO, whom do you think you’re talking to?

I can’t stand May’s attitude towards America any longer, she goes on about the NATO’s commitment like we all lived in Wonderland, she said:

“The Article Five of Nato says that we do go to the support of any Nato country that has military action against it.” “Sometimes people think that there is going to be a change in the American approach to Nato. From the conversations I have had, I think America remains fully committed to Nato as we do. “We are already taking some steps to show the seriousness with which Nato considers its responsibilities. There will be UK troops on exercise in Estonia this year.”

Seriously, madam? What the f**k are you doing in Estonia?

I tell you, she and Boris Johnson want America to do a war against Russia and send twenty soldiers to provoke an incident in Estonia, I hate them. Putin was already provoked by these military dwarves – this is what they are both Israel and the UK, not to mention Poland – then, when they kill, on purpose, during these massive exercitations some russian officers on russian territories or shoot down a plane, they call America, the big friend to make the big war against Russia.

Why do I say Steve Pieczenik? Because he’s an expert of military and counter-espionage tricks. He knows them all and has secret informers at the Pentagon and basically everywhere. Donald, surround him with bodyguards and hire him.

Also Boris Johnson, basically, he went to America with the attitude of someone that’s almost “debasing” himself to go and talk to the Donald trying to tell him what to do with the american army and warn him against Putin, Putin who was the only one who supported Donald and wanted him to win. Because let me understand, why Merkel could support Obama and Putin couldn’t support Trump? How many foreign politicians have supported Obama? Also Juncker did, we must enter the set of ideas that Putin is a politician like another: he supported Trump normally, just like Merkel or Juncker supported Obama. I personally haven’t understood what they mean by “hacking the elections” do they mean that the voting machines gave the result “Trump” when people voted “Clinton” because of a bug in the computer? No. Obviously, Hillary won the popular vote, the technical hacking is out of the question, they just mean that english speaking russian media supported Trump, but a lot of english speaking euro-news media supported Hillary and also the Telegraph which is english supported – though half heartedly – Clinton, I am italian and I write also in english, the russian have any right to broadcast in english if they like ’cause very few people know russian outside Russia, and honestly the leftists and the americans do the same, they do support the candidates they prefer in other countries. The attempt to shut down Russia TV is pathetic. As for Wikileaks Assange said it’s american patriots in the CIA who helped him revealing true pieces of information about how much Clinton is rotten. And even if Putin gave a hand he had a right to do so, given that Hillary would have made it impossible for him to avoid WWIII because she let everybody understand under her Presdiency the USA would start it.

Donald, Putin is your big friend, Hillary and Meryl would like you to be hanged, Boris and Theresa show off they barely tolerate you. Be careful about the true friends, hire Pieczenik for the intelligence team, he supported you all the way, he’s the visible person of a full group of CIA agents and military generals and officers who supported you and their identity is still anonymous so you can use them as spies – trusted by you spies – and the other CIA agents are not up to trick him. He’s loyal, he’ll tell you the truth.

The others, they’re all a bunch of Meryl Streeps.

A person of the intelligence and position of Boris Johnson or Theresa May must know what Hillary cruelly did in Libya and Syria and, no matter the “values” they flaunt to have, they evidently don’t give an eff, they shake hands with one another and would like to go on with the cruel Kivunim-destruction plan of the Middle East and even a war with Russia where many people would die: we are better than that.

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