I can see a wall. Meryl Streep’s mansion, rather ugly to be honest, is surrounded by grey walls. I’d like the refugees to storm it and do to her what they did to Cologne women. #ICantStandCelebs


I can see a grey wall, it’s Meryl Streep’s mansion: it does look like a bunker.

I can’t stand pro Hillary celebrities; they support open borders but close themselves in literally walled mansions, mansions that, in her case is rather ugly, look the more and more like nazi bunkers, what does she want to do inside?

A look at Meryl Streeps’ horrible mansion surrounded by…grey walls.

Trump is on our side, he wants common citizens to be protected, all these little overrated politicized actors talk about open borders from another planet, I want the refugees they want to impose to us in the streets where we live to storm their bunker-mansions and do to them what they did to Cologne girls. They must stop this open borders ideology or pay it personally.
What do you rant about humanity and peace in the world and no walls no borders when you have walled your own house?

What should I say more? Shut up lesbian bitch.

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