“Accept free movement or EU will restrict Single Market access” Angela Merkel says and Theresa May answers: “It’s absolutely INEVITABLE it’s going to be a hard Brexit”. Quite. Now Repeal the 1972 ECA, it’s quite about time.

“A hard Brexit is not ‘inevitable’ and the Government will negotiate a new deal with the European Union which has a good trading deal at its heart’, Theresa May said earlier.”

This is a strange quote by the Telegraph’s link I give below because if I can read and understand english properly  Theresa May said the exact opposite, I copy and paste from the same transcription given by the same Telegraph in the same article; she says: “Well, I’m tempted to say the people who are getting it wrong are those who print things saying I’m talking about a “hard” Brexit, “it’s absolutely inevitable it’s a hard Brexit”. I don’t accept the terms “hard” or “soft” Brexit.”

You see? This is what’s going on really. Clearly:

Theresa May and Boris Johnson asked the EU countries two things: to keep access to the Single Market and to take back control on immigration.

Angela Merkel and Juncker said: no, if you want access to the Single Market you must accept free movement of people.

Theresa May answers: “it’s inevitable it’s a hard Brexit”.

So inevitable that she doesn’t even want to talk about  a hard or a soft Brexit, because to stop the free movement a country must exit the Single Market so, therefore, the UK respects the EU countries’s decision, stops the free movement by exiting the Single Market.

It couldn’t be clearer than this.

Now, today is monday and tomorrow is tuesday, it’s working days, by thursday the Parliament can finally repeal the 1972 European Community Act; there’s nothing else to say about it. You have no other choice; they have said it in the persons of Juncker and Merkel, that means the most powerful people both in the Commission and in the Council: “if you want to stay in the single market you must accept free movement” since the Britons don’t want free movement the UK must exit the single market.

It is very clear because when I went to school we did study Plato and Aristoteles so we do know the logic, unlike certain  students of today who don’t want to study them “because they’re white”. I’m a white and Theresa May is white too. She has studied logic too. You must get out, there’s no other way, do this bill to repeal the 1972 ECA and it’s done.

Source: Accept free movement or EU will restrict single market access, Angela Merkel warns Theresa May

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