The Left was pushing society towards the Supremacy of the Degeneracy we had to stop them. Born female human being, half transformed into man wants to be mother at taxpayers’ expenses and, sic, found the sperm on facebook.


Daily Mail on one side condemns the welfare funded killing of the family but on the other seems to “justify” it.

So, if the little child is ginger we must infer it’s Zuckerberg’s son, the list of degenerant behaviour, with always facebook in the middle, is beyond belief; the latest news about the Supremacy of the Degeneracy the Left has brought till us in heritage and that we must turn off with Trump and Farage and Right wing government is this one:

Born female human being, at a certain point wants to be a man, starts transitioning, then repents a bit, blocks herself and says she wants to be a mother, finds sperm, sic, on facebook, at (british) taxpayers’ expenses gets pregnant with IVF, but after the baby is born (if he’s ginger we know who’s the “real” father, don’t we?) wants to be a dad and goes on transitioning, always at (british) taxpayers’ expenses. Stop this: The leftists call Richard Spencer a white suprematist, but I believe they must understand they have become “degenerant suprematists” in their Weltanschauung – perception of the world – the degenerant that they call ambiguously “vulnerable people” come always first. Why there are no money for important operation at the cataract, for cancer, for real issues, but abortions, sex transitions and even IVF for women who don’t want a man in the middle of their feet or for born female who destroyed their health because they wanted to be men and at a certain point then want a baby, for these people there are taxpayers’ funded abortions, transitions and IVF: the more degenerant they are the more the Left considers them “important” and calls them “vulnerable” to try and confuse people’s thoughts, at least all this degeneracy must not be taxpayers-funded. Also abortion, why should pro-lifers pay taxes to fund Planned Parenthood? Dearest Mike Pence is right, at least we the people who are against all these degeneracy must not pay for it.

Then there is another question, why the Daily Mail calls “pregnant man” a female who has taken a bit of hormones because she wanted – or imagined – to be a man and then wanted to get pregnant. This woman shouldn’t be allowed to play with the life of children like this, in other times she would lose the custody of the child. Stop this. Hey, Hail Trump.

Children need a family, stop this taxpayers’ funding of all the anti-family policies, from paying single mothers to paying for abortions, IVF and transitioning, we must not be involved with this mud. Or better: make it illegal.

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