SCANDAL: Israeli Government provided £1 million to an agent to bribe UK politicians and to take down Sir Alan Duncan for he does not its interests. -Shocking Video

First target Sir Alan Duncan, the deputy foreign secretary, but he’s evidently too hard to break, anyway Readers: you must read this, the relation of the scandal on the Daily Mail on Line, read it, it’s both a moral and a political duty, Israel bribes UK politicians and tries to pull down the non obedient to the lobby ones

I have little to add to the astonishingly good job – all red pilled now? – done by the Daily Mail and I must also focus on Al Jazeera, dear Arabs, do you see that this kind of fight is much more effective than jihadi terrorism and bombs? That’s more of a bomb than a bomb, Alex Jones said it right: it’s an Infowars. Drop the Jihad and dedicate yourself to the infowars or is this fake news too? I understood Al Jazeera was good when they interviewed normally Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute and I understood “these arabs have nothing against us” they just want their territories like anyone else where to live their lives, it’s someone else who’s leading the war on the West and the mass immigration issue – read the article before this for knowing the true responsibles for the immigration crisis –

But I have to complain about the Telegraph and the Foreign Office that even now try to diminish the entity of the scandal and said that since the israeli government says sorry, the thing is settled. The thing is settled? Like this? A Reader on the Mail OnLine commented: “The Israeli Government claims they have nothing to do with this? Who provided the £1 million, then?”. Come on. The Reader is spot on. Quite.

The one million was provided for bribing and the agent has a list of politicians to “take down” and that little bitch of Maria Strizzolo wants to be reminded who she little bitch has to try and take down, she says she cannot “rebuff” Sir Alan only because he’s too powerful and well conencted. Take her down. More to come, this video is only the beginning of a long documentary called The Lobby. Bravo Qatar, bravo Al Jazeera, I like you like this.

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