The Trilateral Commission lost the Oval Office and this drives them crazy. They can’t stand that they do not influence people’s vote any more and now they’re trying to kill Democracy. The Putin-related hysteria is quite revealing of their state of mind.

At the Trilateral, at the Bilderberg they were so posh, so smug to even say: “Democracy? You must know how to use it”. They meant that, controlling the media they would, democratically, make swallow anything to the public, the voters, now they have endured two major losses: Brexit and Trump President and cannot endure it, probably because their hands are so dirty they’re scared of going to prison. The President of the USA is the most powerful person in the world, more powerful than they and this time, David Icke must swallow it: he can be pro-Israel as much as he likes but they don’t control him just the same. I’d like Icke to remember one thing: even I before knowing what the israelis, particularly the Mossad and the double nationals around our countries were doing, before knowing that DeBenedetti and Rothschild were actively organizing the refugee crisis, well, he must remember that even I was innocently pro-Israel and I  wasn’t a puppet of anyone, Trump can be pro-Israel without being a puppet, the hysteria about Putin’s hacking and the fact that Obama amasses tanks at the border with Russia in these last thirteen days, without Russia having done anything, means they are driven crazy by the loss of power. I mean it. They seem to want to start WWIII in two weeks before Trump is President effective, Obama cannot do this, they must cool down. They don’t control the people’s minds any longer and are scared that the loss of power will bring to the dissolution of the NWO project, Brexit is going towards the Hard Brexit, the economists don’t obey anymore and tell the truth: Britain will strive outside of the single market, the power of Brussels is more like a paper tiger than real, probably the EU will close with all its High Courts and stupidity and smugness. A reader of mine posted this comment about Redwood: “He was up for the Tory Leadership once but didn’t get it because he failed the intelligence test… his IQ was too high.”. People are waking up to reality, to real curriculum and competences, not to Hillary Clinton expert of nothing but bombing to show off loyal cruelty to her masters and they know the Internet media are opening the eyes of the people, I dare and talk about the jewish lobby and Israel in a way that the BBC can only dream about and I get such comments. “You are what we call “red pilled.”. Red pilled, by David icke, me, Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski etc. we disagree with one another slightly or more importantly precisely because we are not puppets under the same puppet-master this is why we do disagree with one another about some issues, in a way “we can afford it” there’s no one giving us “the agenda” the fact that we may disagree with one another is the evidence that there’s no agenda or puppet-master, there’s real freedom of speech and we sign with our real names and show our faces, there’s no fake news, not even anonymity. And now the Trilateral Commission is trying to kill Democracy because they cannot use it any longer and impose their puppets, Hillary Clinton said her favourite world leader is Angela Merkel “for the way she behaved for the refugee crisis” this means she lives on another planet, they go on praising one another pretending to be the legitimate powers they are not: the refugee crisis just gave a hand to the Right. They’ll do everything to stop us even putting the next president back at the wall with a third world war already started? Obama should start thinking about his soul.


The Trilateral has lost the Oval office. This drives them crazy. All american patriots must unite against them. We Internet authors have a great merit for this “expulsion” and must be united in defence of freedom of speech. 

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