Bad losers in the UK and USA must shut up. We won legally. If the Trilateral Commission doesn’t like it, it’s Democracy, dear.- Video –

Hillary Clinton lost, but not for the fake news.

I am sick and tired of seeing my free speech harassed and assaulted for Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential elections in the USA and now they want to put the blame on the “fake news” and threaten everybody on the Internet from Mark Zuckerberg to Maurizio Blondet, to Alex Jones only to clear the Internet of the non Trilateral-Commission-friendly authors; I owe them nothing: Hillary lost mainly because she wasn’t the candidate the Democrats, the people of the Democrats, wanted, they wanted a pacifist and the Trilateral gave them a war monger, I heard people saying “between Trump and Sanders I’d vote Sanders, but between Trump and Clinton I’d vote Trump”, let alone the dangerous things she said about “responding to a cyber attack with a military attack” as if she meant to be tough, tougher than men and here she went wrong and deranged: while Trump reassured people with the sentence: “I’ll never be the first to use the nuclear option” she said she would, even Jill Stein admitted she was scared, Hillary had the complex of some women in position of power (or reaching power), she was scared of seeming too weak and that male voters may think “she’s a woman, she’s not tough enough” and she started saying things like an absolute war monger which were precisely the things the people of the Democratic Party didn’t want. This complex of looking too feeble is well known to psychologists in the army, some women soldiers get particularly nasty and cruel with prisoners for fear of seeming weaker than men, but it’s a huge, big mistake, both moral and tactical.

She lost for a series of reasons, not least the convinction of the Trilateral Commission that any candidate chosen by them and given down the throat of the voters through their media would win, no matter the quality, no matter her personal work; she gave fake news, the polls that gave her winning with 83% of the preferences must be fake news, because Obama once said “they’re head to head” and because the Clintons cancelled the fireworks for the victory one week before the election day, which means they had different polls.

The people of the Democrats are pacifist people who want to think they are the good ones, they really didn’t like Hillary, the rioters didn’t even bothered to vote and are paid by Soros around £10 per hour or anyway in dollars. They lost, we owe them nothing, they must stop menacing our freedom of speech: it’s untrue she lost for the fake news, she lost for the real ones (John Podesta’s e-mails, FBI scandal, Benghazi, do you need more?) and she put online and gave the media fake news too, like the poll that said she was winning with 80% of majority while her rallies were half empty and Trump’s were full like eggs, that’s fake news, fine the ones who put that poll around the media. Oh, it’s Hillary’s team. Why only Alex Jones and Mark Zuckerberg?

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