Why after all, among the far right wingers, the right wingers, the alt right wingers, the best is John Redwood, read this statement: “You are not taking back control if you need someone else’s permission”.

I’ve always said that this website is right wing and covers, or at least tries, pretty much all conservative, right wing and interesting leftwing movements, well, if I have, after all, to decide which is the best exponent among the ones I can follow I’d say I am convinced, maybe because his website is easy to follow also for the people who are not experts on economics, it’s Mr John Alan Redwood, what I like is that he makes things astonishingly clear also for non experts and unmasks the ones who pretend that Brexit or independence from Brussels is impossible or very difficult, I’d say, if he doesn’t get offended, he’s on the same line with Tommy Robinson but he doesn’t get arrested and has an astonishingly good job for a country where, they say, if you don’t do what the masons want you cannot even clean the lavatories in Westminster. He is an MP, worked for Rothschild, was CEO and still does not do what freemasonry want: either he’s lucky or he’s a genius.

Read what he wrote yesterday on his blog:

Muddled thinking seems to rule in those who condemn it. To me muddled thinking is the idea that we need to negotiate returning control over our money, borders and laws. There are some in the government machine and in business who seem to think the UK should be willing to negotiate over taking back control. They need to grasp that this is very muddled thinking.

Grasp this:

You are not taking back control if you need someone else’s permission, and if you compromise on that control.

Read the full article here, it’s worthy reading.

It clears the waters of doubts: you can be a free man in the UK if you like it and if you don’t get a good job or are not successful it’s not because the masons blocked you, look for another reason, it was always for me very confidence-giving to find out that the masons obsession with describing brexiters as idiots – idiots who worked for you R. – poor losers – like Rees Mogg – undereducated – like Boris Johnson etc. well it was very confidence giving aka it gave me confidence that this was just a cheap Psycho-strategy of the globalist Left to convince the fishermen their (right) opinion about the single market was due to their ignorance and the fact that they had not attended the good schools . Remember that they have duped the Greeks like this and convinced them to enter and then to stay in the euorozone telling them stories about experts who knew much better than they, poor Kos ice-cream dealers and fishermen, and in fact they the pro-euro experts ruined them and even now they try to sell the story that outside of the EU it would be worse. Worse than what? Greece is in total poverty, only a nuclear war can be worse than their actual situation.

But Redwood, Rees Mogg, also Boris Johnson they destroyed the mantra “the poor ignorant – like the white workers and unemployed – want Brexit” which is already an offensive intolerable sentence in itself and wrong till the point of being a lie indeed.

The fishermen are right about the single market too, read this

It’s the difference between people who say clearly what they want: like Tommy Robinson or John Redwood and people who know they want to impose to you something you don’t like and then call it with another name, like Jean Monnet, I even had to drop the last minimum shade of trust in the innocence of the eurocrats when I found out Jacques Attali had written black ink on white paper: “the EU is a laboratory for a world government” the famous NWO Alex Jones was accused of having dreamt at night till just a couple of years ago; so they knew we didn’t want a world government and they called it “european” to make us feel safe, in the end it ‘s only french and germans we won’t end up poor then suddenly asked, like it is even only remotely “normal” the abolition of the boundary line with Africa and Asia because of “welcoming refugees” and “human rights” are you kidding me? This is what they do: they know you don’t like something and they call it with a name you like or may accept, like calling Single Market the euro- state and in Redwood’s article about his experience as Single Market Minister he, seeing things from the inside, understood: “The Single market programme was used to extend EU power and control over more and more areas of business and life, often without helping business to compete or succeed.” or even “Instead – of just regulating the market Ed.notes – the EU wanted to control in minute detail not just the products, but also the workforces, environments, transport systems and much else vaguely related to producing the goods. Soon the Union also wanted a defence policy, a security policy, a foreign policy and all matters that a state undertakes.” and “It was one way traffic towards ever more EU power.” and finally “Indeed, the longer term UK growth rate fell after 1972 and again after 1992. That was not surprising given the nature of the law making programme they jokingly called a market.

I disagree about the use of the term “jokingly” they said it the masons


All the founding fathers were masons and jews who knew the so called “aryans” would never accept their leadership into the nothingness they wanted us to become, for them to lie to us was normal. To cover reality with the wrong words was acceptable, to consider that today it’s always in the city’s jewish ambients that this Brexit is hindered reveals that they are committed always and again to the Kalergy’ plan and Monnet’s plan. Kick them in their ass. No Single Market, I’m sorry for Nicola Sturgeon. They are doing what they said and signed. We also will do what we say and sign. Hail Redwood? I’m joking, you’re  a Gentleman, but not a gentleman who lives in a cosy area of life or a bubble, if he knows that You are not taking back control if you need someone else’s permission. This means to know what life really is, what life is really like, this is what I meant when I said he’s like Tommy Robinson but has a good job and doesn’t end up to jail.

You are not a brexiteer if you’re a toff or if you’re poor, if you’re too rough or too posh, you are a Brexiter if you’re a Patriot, or, even if you’re not really a fan of the nation-state you still prefer Democracy. So, for the remainers Fishermen are too rough, Jacob Rees Mogg is too posh, Tommy Robinson is a “fascist”, Raheem Kassam is “an asian who does the interests of the whites” this is low level psycho-war certainly not enough to trick us and easy to detect, Redwood escapes from the above definitions because he’s not really “too posh” but certainly not rough, and not “a servant of the whites” and also not a fascist but doesn’t like to be stepped over. He’s a very good asset. The elegant version of the “Don’t tread on me” american motto.


Mr. John Redwood doesn’t seem to like being tricked with beautiful words about peace and love. He means business.

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  1. He was up for the Tory Leadership once but didn’t get it because he failed the intelligence test… his IQ was too high.

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