Very well, why don’t the good ones pull down Theresa May’s Government? A no confidence vote? Tim Barrow is … against Putin and in the West the people who are against Putin tend to be against Trump and against Brexit. Can’t say why. Or maybe I can.


Sit Timothy Earle Barrow new ambassador for the UK at the EU – sic –

There are two parties in the West: one against Putin, Trump and Brexit and  the other pro Putin, pro Trump and Brexit.

So, when I see a politician or a commissioner or a diplomat being against the very legitimate Putin’s actions in Syria and he doesn’t want to say whether he voted remain or leave and is cold about Trump I deduce “he’s against Brexit” this is politics, we libertarians tend to form groups, Putin, Trump and Brexit on one side, Anti Putin, Anti Trump and pro EU on the other.

It’s not automatic, but we can see it: Farage for example, Infowars, me… David Icke is not pro Trump but I think he feared Hillary more. I mean David Icke who’s pro Brexit and pro leave Syria to Assad and Putin is not pro Trump but he also was not pro Hillary and Boris Johnson is another exception, he’s pro Brexit and quite cool about Trump but not so much pro Putin, but since the people who hate Trump hate Putin and Brexit too, Putiners Brexiters and Trumpers automatically join forces because we reached the point the same evil forces plan both Trump’s assassination, Farage’s assassination and even in Moscow Putin’s assassination: people who risk to be assassinated by the same guys, for reasons that I personally don’t really know, they tend to help one another.

Theresa May is very cold about Trump, about Putin, and does not allow people of her government talk to … Farage. Tim Farrow  they say is tough against Putin, and why? He looks like a communist, he has a beard, quite out of fashion, and in his strict wikipedia’s profile there’s no religion, which may mean he’s an atheist, and I don’t get along very well with atheists.

I believe this government should be pulled down.

A no-confidence vote?


We have to thank Sir Ivan Rogers a lot, his move revealed Theresa May’s true face after all: the appointment of Tim Barrow is not a “Brexiteer’s move” and in fact she was never a brexiter. This guy will tell us Brexit is difficult, impossible, we have to leave power to Brussels it’ll take longer than the beard of Mathusalem. Ivan did right to quit, so they won’t say it’s his fault.

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