To all the ones who still have faith in Theresa May, I tell you, if she wanted to do Brexit she would start repealing the 1972 European Community Act, through Parliament, so Gina Miller is sated, but she doesn’t do it the same.


Theresa May in her ambient.

If there are people who don’t believe Theresa May is not delivering or intentioned to deliver any Brexit look at reality: even the most ardent brexiteers like Redwood, Rees Mogg etc. have always said that the first step to do the Brexit is to repeal the 1972 European Community Act through Parliament, then the step number two is to incorporate EU laws into UK laws and also this should be done through the Parliament, so in reality Gina Miller is blocking nothing, even if the High Court said that the Parliament must be involved in the process this would make little difference with the plan of the hard brexiteers, read it on John Redwood’s blog.

But Theresa May is only delaying and losing time, the Repeal of the 1972 European Community Act and then the incorporation of EU laws inside UK legislation is something Theresa May must initiate and if she doesn’t, and she doesn’t, no one else can do it in her place, it’s not really the High Court or Gina Miller blocking her; to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is only step number three, so she can/could repeal the 1972 European Community Act and incorporate EU laws into UK laws before March; she doesn’t do it, because she doesn’t want to do it, in this, both Jeremy Corbyn and Ivan Rogers told the truth: she announces, announces again, talks, says, but in the Parliament does nothing legally effective.

Ok, let’s say that Gina Miller wins, and then? To repeal the 1972 ECA the Parliament had to be involved just the same even if Gina Miller hadn’t done any legal challenge, so this legal challenge is just an excuse for giving May time for doing nothing. I believe Gina Miller and she – Theresa May – may be in reality on the same side. Why the coldness with Farage? Theresa May and this new ambassador Tim Barrow seem to want to stick to the “caste” that has to rule over the others and doesn’t want to mix with the others: being the others Farage, Trump, does not give important jobs to Redwood…Think about it, in Italy we call them “The caste” precisely because they treat others from upside down, as untouchables, as people, like Farage, you must not talk to or give important jobs to. Even Redwood never said that the parliament hadn’t to be involved but it’s she Theresa May who doesn’t initiate actions. Gina Miller is just her excuse to go on doing nothing and saying “it’s not my fault”, I’m convinced they are in the same club, as Farage said “She is presiding an establishment stitch up”.

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