Tommy Robinson Vs Lily Allen? Why I stand with Tommy. – Video –

In This video I talk about the feud between Tommy Robinson and Lily Allen.

I stand on the side of Tommy because Tommy is “our” man in the feud, Lily is using these immigrants/refugees just for publicity, I am sorry to hear that has been sexually assaulted, evidently,  I deduce it by the way she says “ever always”, more than once, by white males, but first of all if she despises white males she can date black or asian guys, second, even though as a woman I do not put in doubt that her experiences were truly bad I’d like to know whether her experience is as miserable as the one of the little girls raped in Rotherham and left by their own community – in the hands of the Labour Party – without protection and scared of suing for fear of being accused of being racist. Then I argue that Tommy Robinson was never really a racist and the EDL wasn’t a “white only” club, we saw members of the EDL who were asians, scared that the muslim hardliners could take over their communities, which thing in some communities unfortunately really happened, because they wanted to live like modern boys.

I question also Lily Allen’s manicure with long fingernails in a place like the jungle of Calais, she was obviously there only to be photographed, with those fingernails she couldn’t do anything else: she’s just a poseur.

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