Sir Ivan Rogers’s resignation is good news, we don’t live in a “Sovereign Burocracy” like the EU, but in Democracies, the civil servants must just deliver Brexit. The Negotiators must know what they want and must make the power of their own country weigh: like Redwood or Bill Cash.

I would obviously appoint Redwood, ’cause I like what he writes, almost always, on his very clear website (but I’m strongly against abolition of cash, I am pro unlimited use of cash) but in the end, I trust very much also Jacob Rees Mogg who wants a certain Bill Cash A William Nigel – what’s about the guys who are called Nigel in Britain? – Paul Cash, he must be a cultivated – if he’s friend with Rees Mogg he must be such – hard Brexiter, ok, whoever he or she is basically they must know very clearly what they want and they must want the hard Brexit: our hope for the future of the democracies of the continent. It is in fact clear what the EU wants to be and it wants to be is a sovereign burocracy, a place where burocrats, unelected, on the base that they have studied and have knowledge can decide for us all, so we go from citizens to plebs, the european parliament is smoke and mirror, I don’t know whether this Sir Ivan Rogers realizes what he says when he warns us about a decade to leave the EU and realizes that, no matter how much the likes of high level traitors like Clegg and Mandelson – I already feel the smell – praise him, let alone the Brexit, but does he realize, I mean, what a piece of toilet paper Cameron and he came out with for the fantomatic negotiations? And this is what the super hero, the super clever the super negotiator managed to obtain? I mean, it wasn’t even about limiting free movement, it wasn’t even about limiting free scrounging, he could have obtained that people from the EU can move to Britain but must stay there at their own expenses and not as a burden on the welfare state, in the end it wasn’t even a compulsory brake for four years’ scrounging, ’cause the supposed super hero of negotiations didn’t obtain that the brake was compulsory not even for miserable four years, in the very end they said that piece of paper, the negotiations which were very miserable in themselves, could be scrapped by the european parliament. He negotiated on behalf on the EU. I would have done better. Send Redwood, or this Bill Cash the friend of Rees Mogg. By. Ivan, you could have done better than that. I mean if this is what “a tough negotiator” and one “who calls a spade a spade” manages to get on behalf of the second net contributor to the EU… Go to sleep.

Read this about Bill Cash, he knows EU regulations very well, he has analysed EU laws for years inside the European Scrutiny Committee and he is a brexiter because he knows what the EU stands for: A Sovereign Burocracy.


The supposedly tough negotiator and Cameron


I have to add, to clear the water of “muddled thinking” even better, than when Germany wanted to put an end to free scrounging by EU people, they obtained it suddenly.

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