The Toy Boy: Emmanuel Macron the french lefty candidate for the Presidency is just an object man both of the Rothschild’s and of his 24 years older teacher wife.


Macron with wife

No matter how hard I try to be good, I must admit I give my best when I’m really nasty.


The Toy Boy of the year is undoubtedly the socialist candidate for the french Presidency, Emmanuel Macron, I notice that the leftists have a strong tendency to prize un-viril men, Macron married his High school teacher 24 years older than he.

If they’re not somehow deviant Rothschild and the Left do not push them.

His tendency to be an object manipulated by more powerful people than he – at this point I’d prefer Sarko – is not only sexual, it’s also economic and career-related, he ‘s a man of Rothschild, the french jewish zionist bankers are using easily him to push for more open borders and more immigrants to France while always obviously keeping their own Israel, full of hard right wingers who do not let immigrants, refugees and muslims cross the line. The Rothschilds are like this: jews, zionists, hard right wingers in Israel and in Europe try to move weak men into power as leftists to push the invasion of Europe with immigrants. I believe the good jews of the Jewish Alternative cannot compensate what the Rothschilds do, and I made up my mind to be against Israel for self defence. I have everything registered in my mind, I care a lot about not hurting innocent people, but to defeat Rothschild we must abolish Israel. And we’ll do.

Let’s give a look at the astonishingly lefty biography of this man-object, from Wikipedia:

“He was educated for some years at the Jesuit-founded lycée (…)

he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French growth headed by Jacques Attali.[7] 

A little info about who’s Jacques Attali:

“In 2001, Jacques Attali, of jewish origins, was subject to investigations on the charges of “concealment of company assets which have been misused and influence peddling”. He was discharged on 27 October 2009 by the magistrate’s court of Paris, “on the benefit of the doubt”.[4]

Jacques Attali advocates the establishment of a global rule of law, which will condition the survival of democracy through the creation of a new global order. He thinks the regulation of the economy by a global financial supervisory institution may be a solution to the financial crisis which started 2008. The financial institution is a first step towards the establishment of a democratic world government, of which the EU can be a laboratory.” Jacques Attali was also at the centre of a scandal about killing new born babies if I remember well, but google must have cancelled the references to this scandal.

Let’s move on with the boy-man:

He left  the place as Inspector of Finances to work as an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. While at Rothschild, he closed a high-profile deal between Nestlé and Pfizer[8]which made him a millionnaire.

Macron was a member of the Socialist Party.

Lately he left the Socialist Party to candidate himself as an independent but the reports :

ANGELA Merkel has been hailed as a European saviour* who saved the continent’s “collective dignity” with her open-door immigration policy, a French presidential hopeful has claimed.

“In an interview with a German national newspaper on Monday, the 39-year-old French socialist candidate said: “Chancellor Merkel and the German society as a whole were up to the mark of our joint values. They saved our collective dignity by taking in refugees and providing them with accommodation and education.

Mr Macron, who is due to battle Marine Le Pen and Francois Fillon for presidency in April, went on to urge EU officials to create a “joint intelligence system” which will help prevent further terror attacks from harming the union.” Read all the article here 

Too much for a Toy Boy. Shut up.

But I want to mark another aspect of this man’s policy, he wants open borders and…the creation of a joint intelligence system.

Now dearest Readers, this man is entirely a Rothschild’s man and if the Rothschilds want that we all give our collective information to the EU I am personally convinced, since they are fucking israelis and when I say israelis I mean israeli prominent citizens and main zionists, the Mossad would control us all.  They give it to their own homeland. Be careful about the white jews, they mix with us and pretend to be one of us but bring all of our resources towards Israel while telling us to take immigrants, if it can console you, they do the same with the arabs, the arab looking jews are infiltrated into muslim ambients and bring them to do the opposite of their own interests: it is proven that some top ISIS trainers, people who trained the jihadis against Assad were in fact israeli dark skinned officers, they infiltrated the white jews among us particularly among the leftists and the arab, dark skinned looking among the muslims, and the Rothschilds are the leaders, the bosses of this movement, I believe they want to hand all these information over to Brussels not for Brussels’s sake but because through their own men, both jewish double nationals and masons, I am convinced the Mossad would control it all. Brussels may be very well a cover face for Tel Aviv.

*The Rothschild’s strategy is very easy, focus on the word “saviour” the Rothschild do prize and praise the politicians and the people who do the opposite of our interests both here in Europe and in the arab world while de facto weakening the structure of our societies and keeping sickly Israel for jews and hard right wingers only. The Rothschild’s banking system and the israeli power

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  1. Wait until the maasive implementation of robotic soldiers then they can accomplish the goal to control the world . Only the richest ( or those in control of the resource of the country ) can maintain the robotic soldier army & human beings can never defeat the robot army with unlimited supply of soldiers. Till then they can just suppress any opponents and control the world.


  2. Jacques Attali advocates the establishment of a global rule of law, which will condition the survival of democracy through the creation of a new global order. He thinks the regulation of the economy by a global financial supervisory institution may be a solution to the financial crisis which started 2008. The financial institution is a first step towards the establishment of a democratic world government, of which the EU can be a laboratory.” ――

    EXACTLY FITS the description in the book : The Protocols of the Elders of Zion .Isn’t it !

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