Why only in the UK and the USA the will of change took political momentum and why Italy and Spain risk collapse. In Greece there should be a powerful movement to exit the EU but there isn’t and even Soros forecasts the end of the EU – Video –

I don’t want to give the impression to lecture you with my video comments but they are even more successful than the “printed version” aka this website:

What I mean in this small video badly cut at the end is that, though it’s in the UK and USA that the will of restoring democracy took political momentum with the victory of Brexit and Trump, in reality it’s the Southern European countries that are hurt more by the EU, till the point that the attachment of Greece to the EU seems self-destructive and masochistic, George Soros puts the blame on Angela Merkel, either Germany accepted to take charge of the weak economies or the solution: “you did the debts you pay them” brought to a radical change in the relationship among the EU member states that went from peers to creditor-debtors which is an unwanted relationship, an unpleasant one, add to this that the lack of redistribution of wealth created poverty and a political reaction against the people and the parties that have ruled the member states till now. Also in Italy. But I am not satisfied with Italy’s performance nonetheless, the country is so damaged by the affiliation at the EU and particularly by the eurozone that there should be a very powerful and mainstream movement to exit the EU, while Beppe Grillo, who simply asked for a consultative referendum about the euro, is still considered kind of “strange” and dangerous. The most dangerous thing is to stay like this instead. For once I agree with a part of Soros’s analysis and personally I have no will to lose money and security only because some of my countryfellows would sacrifice everything to the EU. Not for stupidity anyway, in Italy if you are against the EU you risk being arrested for something else to be blocked politically, this has been happening since 1992, maybe now the tune has changed, the government with Mr. Gentiloni as PM and Mr. Minniti as Interior Minister want to repatriate the illegal immigrants, I strongly hope they really do it. But the eurozone generates this debt condition towards the germans and the quota-sanction system damage the economy and is dull, there’s not safety neither economic nor physical due to the terror attacks and we want back the level of security we used to have. There should be a powerful movement to exit the EU and no, it’s not poor Vladimir Putin’s fault, he’s doing nothing, nothing but trying like a Saint to avoid the third world war and he’s patiently waiting for Trump to be President tout court instead of President-elect.

Southern European countries are behaving in too a passive way, we are waiting for the anglo-americans to set us free from the actual dictatorship, the EU and the eurozone, doing a powerful Brexit and so setting us free from Brussels. It shouldn’t be like this. We must do better than waiting to be liberated by foreigners again and again. Not to be “guilty” not to be responsible, so we can say “it’s not our fault”. It wouldn’t be our merit either. A United Europe should have never taken the shape it took with the EU, it’s a shame. This thing is neither christian, scared of being too white, not even safe…all the nation states that are members, taken one by one, used to work much better than this and people can remember it. Ergo Brexit.

And if even Soros, who’s a globalist, says that the elite have not redistributed the wealth and have not met the right demands of the people pushing them to vote for different parties than the ones that have brought them till here, well, he even predicts the EU will be dismembered like Soviet Union. So, it’s not only Alex Jones you know, think about it.

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