Month: January 2017

Netanyahu is linear thinking: he approves of Trump’s wall, ’cause he did it and says it works. I try to give voice to linear thinking Jews, like this we ‘ll find an agreement. Unless he’s mixed with the refugee crisis.

At least Netanyahu, who has some problems at home with the judges, also in Israel, the judges, like Berlusconi in Italy, Fillon in France… they can form the persecuted by the leftwing judges club. Well in all this judges story… Read More ›

If you ask yourself why Soros gives away so much money for the post-defeat protests, well unfortunately once in Finland they got something: the right had won the referendum to ban gay weddings, the leftists protested and the Parliament legalized it against the referendum. But this is not democracy.

One can ask oneself why does Soros give away so much money to fund post-defeat protests; all of them, the Remainers’ protest, the anti Trump’s victory protest, even now that Trump is doing an act that “their” Obama did in… Read More ›

Obama and leftists totally unpresentable: Obama did the same as Trump in 2011 and the leftists don’t even know it. Nigel Farage lists the times the leftists did the same as Trump while the informed press must put a bit of rationality in all this mess. Please.

Some headlines are a bit embarrassing…why should the Queen be in a “difficult position” in welcoming Trump after having welcomed Obama who actually did the same? And moreover bombed Libya? The press must wake up. This is an “I beg your… Read More ›

Six of the seven countries on Trump’s list also ban visitors based on nationality This article should be on the front page of the Telegraph to show how the Leftists are either Liars or Ignorants. With capital L & I.

Liars & Ignorants Inc. the true name of the Left, yes, I had also noticed that many nations, arab mainly but not only, also Israel do ban whomever they like on the base of nationality and many nations ban christianity… Read More ›

Again, the outrage is staged: Soros-Funded Groups Behind Effort to Stop Trump’s Refuge Ban. Someone had noticed there was more “outrage” for the visa ban than for bombing Libya and training jihadis in Syria – all done by Soros backed Saint Obama…

Yes, Galloway had noticed it…the liberals are protesting more now for a visa ban to stop returning jihadis than they ever did – ’cause they never did it – when Libya was bombed and Obama killed millions of muslims destroying… Read More ›

US-UK “Special” Relationship is at odds while in the UK they don’t call pregnant women expectant mothers not to offend trangenders and perceive themselves as multicultural in America the judeo-christian Right won. General Elections in the UK will tell us which are UK values.

It may be just a matter of time for the re-alignment while at the moment the Judeo-christian Right in America rules and bans muslims and cancels LGBT issues from the President’s website, in the UK they still perceive themselves as… Read More ›