The Alt-Right’s Leader Richard Spencer’s extreme success is entirely George Soros’s fault. And when I say Alt Right I mean the Nazi Salute, the Sieg Heil in code, the Lugenpresse. I don’t mean Milo.

I don’t mean Milo, I mean Richard Spencer, I mean the roman salute the Hail Victory which is a clean translation of “Sieg Heil”, the Lügenpresse for meaning the once mainstream media.

And it’s Soros’s fault.

It’s not Soros’s fault because I like to accuse Soros of everything, but because this man at 86 is hyperactive in trying to push his stupid, silly, absurd and poisonous fucking “anti-white agenda”. Can’t he and his Open Democracy’s fellows just stop? Do you know why they don’t stop? They don’t stop because they don’t pay the consequences, but they will, by now they have let common white and black people pay the consequences, they have paid that scoundrel of DeRey McKesson to impersonate the fu****g BlackLivesMatter idiot and they have fought against black people who didn’t like it. In the year of Obama as President they have actually humiliated the black american President financing and founding, they who are white jews, an association that reminds the blacks “don’t be too cocky now that you’ve got the President, the underdog you were and the underdog you shall remain” this is why cocky black men have refused the part, like Bill Cosby – arrested – or Kanye West – arrested in psychiatric yard – Soros is evil, he, if he minds, deserves Spencer, but I don’t believe he truly minds, he doesn’t, he goes on making victims among the people he claims to help.

This is Richard Spencer’s speech, 80% of what he says is true, and it’s true because Soros made it true.

I notice the lack of christian identity, this is not the christian right, it’s the aryan right, and it is necessary to notice how the lack of christianity burns the sin-card, the concept that the whites have to make atonement for the sins of the past, the whites, the people with european origins and ancestry are picted as the eagles of history: either dominant or dead. The born-to-rule. What Hitler called the Master race. But all this is being made possible by the lack of compassion of the Jews who created the BlackLivesMatter; we had news of a white waitress in Oxford being abused by a black Oxford student in a pub until she cried and the idiot wrote on facebook – facebook obviously, always facebook – that she deserved it for her ancestors stole the land in Africa, there’s no compassion for the whites who want to be good, once I heard people saying “you think you’re good because you send money to Africa? No. You must have the poor at your doorstep” actually we should endure Paris and Rome transformed into big refugee camps, and by whom? Short of compliments, by the jews. On top of the ladder there are Open Democracy’ big donors of every wrong cause, Soros and comrades, all white jews and a little higher they, the ones that the nazis called “the fucking jewish bankers”, the Rothschilds. They deserve the nazi salute after all, on top of the ladder there are really ashkenazi jews and prominent zionists, also in Italy and France on top of the ladder of the Left there are two israeli nationals, I often write the name of Carlo DeBenedetti for Italy and Edmond de Rothschild – owner of the despicable Libération – with his vicious cousins in France.

Moreover some of the political analysis Spencer does are perfectly spot on and correct, the Left has abandoned the white poor and the rights of the workers, as if they had nothing to do with them, as if, being white, they somewhat deserved to suffer, unlike Bill Clinton and Obama,  Hillary Clinton refused to hold speeches in white rural areas till the point Bill who tried to convince her at the end of a violent verbal row per telephone threw the handy out of the terrace of his house in Arkansas, not only the white poor, Hillary refused, against again what Bill had told her, to hold speeches in true black areas to talk about security and the fight against also the black versus black crime that has “torn some black communities apart” I know it because some black people put videos on internet claiming they were robbed and in a case even had a little daughter gunned down by a black neighbour and no one wanted to help them and the press the “Lügenpresse” wasn’t interested in the story, these things make the political fortune of outspoken politicians as Rudy Giuliani who address these cases without any political correct shame. Spencer says the Left has become vacuous, empty and I add probably Hillary Clinton was the embodiment of this emptiness.

America was great to refuse her. I admire black people who don’t let themselves being manipulated: it’s really the jews on top of this and this is not only not Spencer’s fault, it’s not even Hitler’s or Mussolini’s fault. Either they stop, also with the help of right wing jews or they’ll stop the same. It’s not the first time, we’ve seen this before; we’ll take revenge on Israel, the political Israel to make them bow down. Israel entirely depends on America, left alone the arabs would swallow it with all Netanyahu’s pride.

As an Italian I’m expert on revenge if I’m expert on something. Wait for me to return, I know what hurts and I know what you want. We’ll take revenge on Israel, we’ll swipe you away from the Holy land again, you’ll go back where you belong to: cleaning the dust in the ghetto of Prague. The israelis play the tough and the cocky but, they are weak, they were helped by russians and anglo-americans to be saved from the nazis, the bankers can be always killed or arrested and now it’s the USA that give them arms and money or the arabs would just win. They must do what Kerry says. The double nationality can be abolished in a moment and as for the revenge, it takes what it takes, it can be served also cold. Remember, this is military strategy: we must destroy Israel as a jewish political entity. The Holy Land must go back mandatory Palestine a roman empire’s province and anyway not ruled by the masons.

I dedicate to the Rothschilds and their minions the first and the fourth strophes of this song. Just these two. I don’t get mixed with the devil.

Got u where i want u
I got 5ive up on your dime
And if u wanna peep on something
Peep what i got stuck between
Your eyes
And since i don’t believe
A word u say
Save it for another, baby brother
Swallow time 2 pay

Caught u while u waited
For your boy 2 come
And fix u up again
Come a little closer, baby
I only wanna try 2
Be your friend
Since i ain’t got nothing
Left 2 lose
Got u where i want u
Don’t u try 2 move

The Jews have envied the whites for being the eagles of the world, which they never were, to be saved from Auschwitz they needed the whites, to survive in Israel they need America and instead of thanking them they hate them: they have hated the anglo-americans and the russians who helped them just as much as the german nazis or the italian fascists, there’s no gratitude, nothing, it’s impressive.

Watch out the double nationals, there are some historians who say seriously that John Kennedy was shot by an israeli sniper because Kennedy wanted the State to go back emitting the currency instead of the Fed like a seriously sovereign nation. The jewish bankers ordered the israeli sniper to shoot and he shot. Is it obligatory btw that at the Fed they are all Jews? Ask yourself a couple of questions. And give yourself a couple of answers.

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