The Alt-Right, the Far-Right & the Jewry. What’s happening in the West – Video –

In the video above I explain my point of view on the very hot topic en vogue on the Internet, the Far-Right, the Alt-Right and the relationship with the Jewry;

How Right wing Jews explain to the left wing Jews that they cannot go on “tricking” the whites pretending to be one of them when they actually have got another country, Israel, another culture and big family, the Jewry in fact, while the europeans if they destroy their “western white culture” they remain without anything left and nowhere to run. The main website of this new jewish culture, that I appreciate for the frankness, is The Jewish Alternative quite polemic with the lefwing jews who “pretend” to be simply whites who feel ashamed for racism and colonialism when in fact they belong to another culture whose mistakes they never condemn. Very interesting. Then I make the difference between Right wing and Alt-Right etc.

Watch the video, share and comment. Thank you very much for staying with me and if you agree with the prayer I say please say “Amen” at the end of the prayer because as Jesus said “if two or more than two people ask together something to the Father in my Name they will be given what they ask.” So pray together and ask that powerful and also non powerful people get enlightened by God and do the right thing.

See you next time.


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