People want right wing Politicians; why till now they haven’t been ruling our countries and what’s changed. – Video –

I take advantage of the comment board of the youtube channel to focus on a very nice comment by a commentator, Gary Porter (thank you, Gary) who more or less said “Come to Britain and be our Prime Minister”, seriously; so you see feminists? It’s untrue they don’t want you if you’re female… well, I laughed obviously, but then I wondered…people do want a right wing ruling class, not a far right, but right wing like Ronald Reagan yes, we all need to feel protected and in control of our land, so what went so wrong in the last few years that the Left seemed to have stolen our countries?

I can remember that till last year even to vote UKIP was considered scandalous, which thing now isn’t any more, and I recalled the episode of three police officers in the UK, I think they were high ranking police officers, who had to resign ‘cause they were BNP card owners, now legally it doesn’t make sense because both the BNP and UKIP were and actually are perfectly legal political parties, so it can’t be illegal to be card owner of a legal party.

The video interrupts itself here, but I want to go on on the subject: this year was probably pivotal thanks to the power of the internet that broke the silence about the dangers of mass immigration and of sharia patrolling in some streets of Europe, this means the Left does not control communication anymore and this brought people to take confidence and vote Trump, Brexit and to open up about right wing political tendencies, if the Internet is quicker than the other media, the Right is the future because on Internet the Right is more trendy, there has been also a violent refugee crisis in any case that has brought undecided people to turn right wing.

I believe Right wing politicians like Ronald Reagan should take over and guide the West up where it belongs.


I can tell you, I know one thing in my arrogance: We must up where we belong.

Paola Distilo Editor.

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