About the “Holy Land”. Is it possible that we Christians are excluded from any Game? Why should we ask permission to either Jews or Muslims for entering Jerusalem? Christians must go self centered.

We Christians have been weakened by the jewish presence in Europe and USA through their long arm freemasonry. Honestly we have endured movies about Crusaders where the crusaders were the bad ones, now we are enduring the jews paying the blacks to insult us, the jews have never stopped talking about the Holocaust done by christians but shut up the simple fact that the troops that set them free weren’t jews and blacks, though there were some blacks already in the american army, the overwhelming majority of the liberators were white males and the western ones were all christians too. But the jews pretend to forget: come on, they hate the english and americans as much as the germans and the italians and are trying to back stab the russians.

I can’t see why we should endure the jewish freemasonry making movies where they lie about themselves and the others. We must get rid first of all of the jewish component of society, and turn christian centered.

The jewish scientist Einstein created the atomic bomb and insisted against the will of the american generals – who were more merciful than he – to use it when the war was already finished to show off how destructive it was and killed 10.000 people with one only strike; Hitler should have killed six millions without any bombs this is why many people do not believe that six millions jews were killed in a football camp like Auschwitz, not only, according to the jewish dogma, six millions only jews, adding the poor gypsies, handicapped people, Roma etc. Hitler should have killed eleven millions people without any bomb in three places where eleven million people cannot be contained, there’s no space enough and all the gas chambers honestly are not there to be found, consider that London’s got three millions inhabitants, count that eleven millions are from three to four times London all killed in Auschwitz and Dachau and Buchenwald, this is bullshit, this is why they the jews wanted the opinion crime, the number cannot stand any proof, the atomic bomb which was an atomic bomb killed ten thousand people, Hitler should have killed in the gas chambers eleven millions. The rest of these eleven millions dead are moreover nowhere to be found again. So three times London and a half die and there are no rests, they say because they were burnt and incinerated, but there should have been an intoxication of burnt humans if you consider what the numbers eleven millions and six millions mean.

After this, after the white, straight the most, male christians set them free from Auschwitz, now they hate them and make movies against white straight christians. No matter whether they also have a Vatican connection with satanist priests, another element to discharge from society, therefore I am for abolishing the extraterritoriality of the Vatican, I mean after all the lies and backstabbing it’s time we christians to become christian centered. Why shouldn’t we run the Holy Land in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ? Why should we give it to muslims and/or jews? In any case between Israel and Palestine I stay with Palestine, they are less contort. But I belive christians should stop being friends of Israel and friends of Palestine and be friends with one another and of themselves. I can’t stand the jewish bankers any more. In Italy there are rumours that the Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni wants to appoint a jew at the head of the secret services, which means the Mossad – a criminal association tout court – would be able to do in Italy what they did in the USA – 9/11 – in France – Paris and Nice shootings – in Brussels – bombs at the airport. I know that at the Home Office of all nations they are all perfectly aware of the Mossad’s false flags. Italy and the other nations must be spared the israeli spy. Abolish the double nationality, go back Christian centric and if the others don’t like us, kick their ass.

The jews make me sick. After what the Anglo-Americans and the Russians did for them they should bless them and thank them, they hate them instead because they are envious and because it drives them crazy that the non jews were better than the Jews. It contradicts their stupid jewish suprematist theory so “en vogue” in Israel and inside jewish ambients, where they say bad things about us behind our back, but we know it the same.


Drop the jewish burden and understand it’s they who run the anti-white anti-imperialist anti-christian agenda. Since the people who are the leaders of the anti-white christian euro-centric agenda are the most prominent zionists it is a matter of honesty and self respect and also honour to be against Israel.

As for Infowars claiming that if we are against Israel God will punish us. I mean, I’ve never seen Infowars going so low. God punished the jews so many times we were always luckier and brighter than they, we are truly going down now and only because the jews took freemasonry against us. When the jews were in the dust we were powerful. So the jews must go back in the dust and we must return ourselves.

I repost the song I dedicate to the Jews, this time with Lyrics so more people understand. Dear christians, stay away from these people, think about yourselves and recover the warrior spirit the jewish pro-gender masons try to steal from you. Because, and this makes me outrageously angry: why on hell these jewish bankers promote the gender? It’s the very same zionist Rothschilds etc. who send millions to the israeli army – our money moreover and this must stop – and at the same time promote pacifism, anti military culture and the gay and gender in the other countries. I hate them and I know it’s in Israel that they produce ecstasy, the israeli mafia sells it to our youth while the marxist jews in our countries want to “legalize” and push the “anti-bigot” pro-drug agenda to have more gays, more drug addicts more whores who don’t love their babies and less soldiers. I despise them and I believe I am right. New motto: Never help Israel, be against the zios.

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