Theresa May signed for Britain to join the EU Army, this is what she’s doing no matter what she says. Nigel Farage predicts ‘RADICAL CHANGE’ in 2020 General Election | UK | News | Daily Express

“Let’s wait and see, but if she’s as successful as Prime Minister as she was as Home Secretary we’ve got a bit of a problem.”

This is what Nigel Farage says at the end of the interview I linked below; well Nigel – the only man in the room, probably – you have a big problem: Theresa May is more Illuminati than Osborne and if you consider what Osborne did for the Illuminati, that he’s a regular Bilderberger, that he’s a personal acquaintance of Rothschild – I say no friend, after the row we all had to endure publicly I say acquaintance – and still he had to undergo some terror mediatic attack, and pretty unpleasant, and Theresa May didn’t, you can figure out the level of blind loyalty to this association of globalists this woman has got: not a single bad line about her; you know Nigel, after you and Trump I reached the point that when certain press says bad things about a politician I wonder “he must have done something good to deserve this, by these people” Theresa May didn’t: And, shiver, while saying “Brexit means Brexit” she did sign for the British Army to join the EU army project and appointed british EU Commissioners, this is clearly the sign that she is trying to fool you. You must dismiss her as soon as possible, they are trying to avoid Brexit tout court, after March they’ll say that all the EU nations must give Britain permission to exit, they are losing time for this reason, you Brexiteers must take over. The little detail of the EU army is clarifying of two things: first, the royal prerogative is still being used by the government for entering international treaties without even informing the Parliament while the High Court is questioning that it cannot be used to exit international treaties without the approval of the Parliament, which is illogic; second Theresa May, as she did with immigration when she was at the Home Office has only one strategy: to say one thing and to do the opposite and tries to keep you calm until the job of undoing Brexit is done.

Don’t you have doubts about it, Nigel: Theresa May must be pulled down. I am convinced.

NIGEL FARAGE predicted Theresa May and Philip Hammond could be ousted from their roles leading the United Kingdom if they cannot deliver a satisfactory Brexit for the country.

Source: Nigel Farage predicts ‘RADICAL CHANGE’ in 2020 General Election | UK | News | Daily Express

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