I support the Foundation of the State of Palestine. Here’s Why. The Zionists didn’t respect the Italians, the other Europeans and the White Americans. And deep down, they didn’t respect also the Black Americans.


The kind of man George Soros doesn’t like

News at the UN, in the USA and in the so called Holy Land, it is reported that there are serious attempts by the Obama Administration to found the State of Palestine before the 20th of January, that is before Obama and Kerry leave to give place to Trump-Pence.


I am glad and I consider this news a good one, for us Europeans and for the Palestinians, here’s why I totally support the project:

I must tell the Palestinians that I do it for myself, not just for them, in total honesty; the Jews have wanted during these years after the end of the second world war, not just the State of Israel, they wanted two or even three different nationalities with full civil rights in two or three nations, they have suffocated freedom of speech, wanted the opinion crime against their enemies, arrested historians who didn’t accept the official version of the “Holocaust” that is the jewish attempted genocide, included the jewish historians, included when the evidences for the Holocaust were proven reconstructed and not original.

Not only, in Italy and in the UK the leaders of the anti-nationalist anti-patriotic Left that spat upon our soldiers, that even protected communist terrorists were all Jews, in Italy the boss of the Left which is pro-immigration and anti-christian, a person who through his media outlets mocks christians is a jew and an israeli citizen Mr. Carlo DeBenedetti; he pushed us into the eurozone and called and attacked as fascists the ones who didn’t wnat to jojn it but then brought his own money to Switzerland, he was a lefty/communist in Italy and now in Israel is pro Likud – a disgusting person – Mossad agents are involved in many terror attacks in Europe, included Nice, Brussels and Paris – the security agency that had in care the security of the Brussels airport at the time of the explosion this year was israeli, while the notorious G4S is involved with the anti-Brexit british PM and with the Orlando shooting is also involved with Israel, not only, while refusing any non Jews in Israel we had to endure the israeli “charity” Israid helping clandestine immigrants being smuggled from Turkey to Greece, not only, at least four of the ships that brought regularly clandestine immigrants from Libya to Italy – my country – were owned by israeli citizens; they have organized the refugee crisis and they in the persons of the jewish bankers Rothschild have criminalized till the point of arresting right wing or simply conservative Britons and activists, financed the transgender agenda that teaches boys and girls they’re neither male nor female, they have something against white boys till the point that the jewish billionaires of the association Open Democracy, being all white, paid with millions DeRey Mckesson to found the BlackLivesMatter to insult white christians in their place and downsided the black people who refused to attack white individuals who had done nothing against them.

Last but not least, in politics, I respect the Austrians and Van Der Bellen as the new austrian President, but I have supported Norbert Hofer and I had to endure jews who told people “if you vote Hofer or AfD – the anti immigration party in Germany btw – you are like the nazis who killed my parents in Auschwitz”.

It’s enough.

Now I want the State of Palestine.

They didn’t respect me. And I dedicate to them, to the Jews, a song by a white male rock band. It is even reported that their absurd war against “white straight males” brought about by the same zionist ambients – Rothschild, DeBenedetti, Soros & Co. to name a few – is done to weaken the potential candidates for the military service in “goy countries”.

Pantera the band, Walk the song, Vulgar Display of Power the Album.

Dear Jews, you didn’t respect me, now walk. Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?…

This is for you Carlo DeBendetti and Rothschild. – Soprattutto Carlo. Me le sono scritte tutte. *Eng. Translation from Italian “Particularly Carlo. I have them all written down.

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