Sorry, Ami – Horowitz – but it’s not the muslims who founded the UN, the muslims were drawn into it and everybody knew their culture. The Jews and the masons have embroiled themselves by themselves.


I like Ami Horowitz’s style but, it’s pretty useless that he pretends to be stunned at the UN strange attitude towards human rights, because everybody knows that the muslim nations, far from being interested in founding anything like the UN they were just drawn into it by the nations that won the WWII and by the jewish freemasonry, I daresay that the Jews and the masons got embroiled in their own creation; what do you want? gay weddings in Pakistan? I am italian and I am already against gay weddings just like many american christians so stop putting the gays in the middle of your anti Iran row.

Lately many prominet Jews are rebelling against this de-facto jewish-masonic big creation that they don’t seem to control the way they’d like, but…let’s give a look at a couple of issues…

The UN does not recognize as legal the israeli settlements in the West Bank? Well, they happen not to be legal really, in fact they were built on territories that the UN had declared palestinian territories. I’m not sorry for this decision, the Jews want all the civil rights in all countries where they are a minority and in the country where they are the majority they want to be the sole ethnicity, if you’re not  a Jew, like me, you feel only that they want for themselves much more than they give to the others, they even call a nazi who doesn’t want to give them double or even three nationalities with full civil rights in three different nations, Carlo DeBenedetti at a certain point was citizen in Italy, Israel and Switzerland then I lost track, and to do what? to be a hard EU-supporter and pro immigration in Italy with his smelly PD party and his pro euro and pro-immigration media outlets, but then brought his own money to Switzerland far from the eurozone, like Rothschild who would like Britain not to leave the EU and even to join the euro but brought his money to Switzerland again, obvious, and moreover he had also a third israeli nationality just because he was a Jew and there’s no two without three. What do you want? Ami you are a nice guy but people really do hate the Jews, me too, after all, I gave up even defending myself from such accusations, it’s a loss of time, but now I am against the double nationality, and we do notice that these palestinians have none while other people have three, you know, they’re arabs and the jews “fight” in every country for multiculturalism but then in Israel don’t want the arabs.

I didn’t create the UN, nor Ahmadinejad did.


This last scorpio’s blow by Obama and Kerry, I must admit I admire them. The goyim are not stupid and you risk that one day we’ll wake up all against you from the Germans to the Iranians. You must give to the others in Israel what you want for the Jews in the UK, USA, Italy etc. You may think we’re dumb, but you don’t fool anyone, we were tricked only because we trusted you…and we’re repented to have trusted you. Our ancestors had taught us to never trust the Jews.

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