Thank You Saint Nicholas for… setting women free from prostitution. The real story behind Santa Klaus bringing presents.

Santa Klaus is the short version of Saint Nikolaus aka Saint Nicholas who did something extraordinary that made him become a mythical figure. He was bishop in the town of Mira and knew a father of three girls wanted to push them into prostitution for making money, ’cause he was very poor, and at the time the girls couldn’t marry if they hadn’t the so called dowry, well, to set them free to marry he took some gold money of his own, and decided to provide for the dowry of the girls, but…since Jesus Christ had said “your right hand has not to know what your left hand does”, meaning not to show off when one helps the poor – unlikely the latest Hollywood’s celebrities’s habit, he decided to throw the gold into small packages into the widow of the girls’ rooms at night and he really did it, first night the elder, second the second and third the third, but on the third night he was found out because the people had become suspicious, curious, and wanted to know and hid to wait to see who he was who brought the presents, the red dress was probably typical of the bishop.

Now in Scandinavia where people are puritan they were ashamed of telling the whole story to the children not to name prostitution and that the father wanted to use his daughters to make money out of the body-mercimony, so they infantilized the story and told children: “if you’re good, Santa Klaus will bring you present at night at Christmas”.

Here it is, the real story of Saint Nick.

Than you Nick,

Thank you Jesus.

Thank You God.

And Merry Christmas you all.

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