Lena Dunham doesn’t understand anything about abortion, like the majority of the Leftists. Sad But True. PS we must start dedicate to them the Metallica’s songs.

Lena Dunham,

Lena Dunham

Sad but True, is the first song by Metallica I dedicate to…Lena Dunham: she’s a feminist, she’s a leftist, she’s pro abortion…and she doesn’t understand anything about the issue she’s standing for.

Any even only average-intelligent woman, let alone a woman who wants to be a leading intellectual figure, to help causes, about abortions the only thing she can wish, like me, is to never have an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is something that, even if you’re atheist, and don’t even believe that God exists, you shouldn’t want it for…your own body and your health and even, your beauty. Any type of abortion, both the surgical and even worse the poisonous “chemical abortion” the pill RUetc. try to understand this, Lena and the others, it has to …I’m sorry to say it so, actually, it has to kill the unborn baby, but where does this unborn baby or foetus happens to be? Inside the body of the woman; surgical abortion is painful and leaves scars, it’s not painful probably during the practice, but when the body wakes up from the effects of the painkillers it is, and I’m not talking about the procedures gone wrong or “imperfectly” that did leave more scars than they were supposed to. In certain cases, but I admit it were procedures gone wrong, sterilized the mother and this is still abortion non late term, late term abortion consists in inducing a sort of fake birth-giving to then kill the baby in the middle between the body of the woman and the outer world: it is disgusting really, I am against it, I’d ban it outright. Imagine how painful, even only physically can be, but Lena Dunham, no, she “wishes” she had had one- then I’ll comment later why I think she said so, not to embarrass her mother who did have a real abortion – .

I go on, the abortion pill is a pill that contains a poison that should be released only when it is inside the womb and should only kill the foetus without killing the mother around the foetus, it happens that to be strong enough to kill foetus and not simply damage it, it does poison “mildly” the woman around the foetus and in many cases there is consequently a drastic diminishing of the antibacterial defense of the woman’s body and she becomes more liable to take infections or infective diseases – why did Lena Dunham say she wanted to experience this?

Because any woman who never had abortions feels superior to the ones who undergo this procedure, this experience; you feel lucky, blessed and she suddenly defended herself from the suspicion she had one answering to a girl who told them to share the stories of their experiences “I never had abortions”, this is an obvious, natural “pride”, but the Left despises what’s natural pride, add that Lena like many children of women who had abortions is being used by her mother to push the idea that to have abortions is normal, so not to offend her, she said the nonsense.

Add even more to the above experiences that the abortion pill has a double effect, first releases the poison that should kill the foetus without poisoning completely the mother outside the foetus, then releases a contraction stimulator that generates uterus strong contractions because the body of the woman has to expel the foetus without any surgical help – this happens to be painful – while in the surgical abortion the doctor puts a claw into the uterus and straps the foetus – nice thing – and pulls it outside the body and then, enters again the uterus with other instruments to clean it from the residuals of the dead dismembered foetus: it is horrible in both cases, women who experienced the abortive pill said if they had to do it again they would choose the surgical one.

All this happens at a material level, independently from the religious beliefs, and the psychology of the woman, in many cases a strong depression comes after this “experience” to be added to the rest. What’s the point? The point is that the leftists strangely promote the idea that abortion has no collateral effects and that the collateral effects are exaggerated by us nazi-christians to induce women to avoid the procedure, to do so they pay women who never had abortions to give false evidences that abortion is “positive” there’s no depression and the physical pain is exaggerated by us right wingers. They even promote abortion as a positive “empowering” experience, see the scandal of an abortion clinic broadcasting the publicity-video “my positive abortion”. Why do they do it? A) For money: they sell the services. B) For satanism.

The satanists and some theologicians believe abortion empowers the devil, moreover it is considered a “special status sin” because the woman, far from doing it in a moment of rage or emotional outburst like for example the “common” sins of lust and wrath that are considered less grave due to the emotional stress the human has to endure, she coldly decides to interrupt the pregnancy or getting rid of the child and even signs a paper where she takes the full responsibility for it. It’s the difference between killing a person during a battle or in a moment of rage and commissioning a cold blooded homicide. But these moral aspects usually are of no interests for the leftists who are no christians.

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