Tell Prince Charles and the smug leftists this: what’s happening in the british streets where they are not supposed to walk… and why it’s they who need to come down to reality. -Videos-

In this first short video-comment I defend the stance of Right wing Editors against mass-immigration and Prince Charles’s very undelicate remarks – done the day after a terror attack labelled as “islamist” moreover –

I apologize for the memory of the camera suddenly finished and the video remained cut. I decided to upload it the same I promise I’ll do better next time, I want to mark how the NWO-media, so called mainstream – but they’re not really mainstream anymore, give a glance to how many views zerohedge has got, after a couple of hours some posts are already at a stunning 12.400 views – well, the NWO-media first accuse the “islamist” terrorists, then accuse the whites of “islamophobia” if they dare to be scared – and why should they not? – it’s like they want to drive us crazy, but it is not up to them to reach this aim. The no-border theory is simply too dangerous and unacceptable as a way of dealing with migration ’cause it’s the opposite of organization, as for “far right winger” will soon become short of a compliment.
At least we wonder why there are so many israeli agents around the terror attack’s scenes, they don’t, ’cause that would be “Anti-semitism”…They respect the muslims very much…as long as it is an israeli false flag they let them be accused unjustly. Great morality, indeed.

In this second video a muslim female journalist and a french liberal muslim attack the islamists and the political correct people for not condemning the dangerous situation radical muslims in Europe are setting up – and they must be stopped soon -. They even interview and say to understand Tommy Robinson and the EDL and also Paul Golding of Britain First. Particularly the female muslim journalist is very much concerned with girls rights be totally ignored when broken inside the muslims communities.

I have to add that no one is scared by muslims like the female journalist in this video and the Left know it, I personally don’t believe the Leftists are in good faith. I am convinced they want to destroy the Countries as State Nations for globalism and are using radical muslims and terror attacks for this purpose, no matter whether the radical muslim knows it.

So, in the end, should I point finger at myself and the other “far right” editors or should I point finger at you Prince Charles and Leftists who don’t understand or pretend not to understand what’s going on really?

Go down the streets Charles, with Camilla not dressed modestly, this is the London other people must live with, you all should be glad there are people like Tommy Robinson, with all his defects, the problem is unfortunately very real. And we Right wingers are just dealing with reality. The reality outside Buckingham Palace, you know.

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