Prince Charles: First, I would like he had died instead of Diana; Second, I want this dog to never become King; Prince Charles says rise of populist groups ‘has echoes of the 1930s’ | Daily Mail Online

Prince Charles is ready to ship himself as a servant of the NWO, that’s run by the Rothschild bankers not by him – and that’s the only good news about it – he ‘s not defender of the Christian Faith like the Kings up till now, but of “faith”, which means whatever faith included the satanic rituals he probably did together with his best friend Jimmy Savile the greatest paedophile of all times. He’s unpleasant and useless and does not bear the burden of mass immigration living segregated into taxpayers’ funded palaces and in “for rich only” clubs.

I only have two wishes one related to the past and one to the future:

  1. That he had died instead of Diana;
  2. That he never becomes King.

If the wish related to the past cannot come true, the one related to the future certainly can.

The Prince of Wales took over the Thought For The Day slot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, in which a short talk is usually given by a priest or cleric.

Source: Prince Charles says rise of populist groups ‘has echoes of the 1930s’ | Daily Mail Online

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  1. I have to comment on my own article; notice how this is what he comes out with the very day after the terror attack in Berlin. No mention of the dangers of the open borders, no mention of islamist terrorism, no mention of the fear for the people to walk at a Christmas market, no, he mentions: Islamophobia and Anti-semitism. Tell me if this is not enough to label him an idiot forever at least for the timing of the – wrong – remarks. I hope he walks around without bodyguards at a street market next time there is a terror attack, I actually despise this man.


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