A day at the Post Office -NWO in practice: you cannot take your own money, you cannot transfer them, you can use them a little and as much as the banking system allow you. In the meantime the Italian State…saves whom?


Carabinieri. A golpe against the NWO?

The battle for cash is vital in this war against the NWO, being the NWO brought about by the banking system in the hands of the Rothschild family and with the assassinations aimed at strengthening it brought about by the Mossad, in the hands of the Rothschild family again, I’m sorry for the Jews, but it’s true, the Israeli secret intelligence services do assassinations masked as terror attacks in the perspective of strengthening or empowering the NWO as the supposed “enemies of Israel” which is the excuse the agents are usually told – probably the Rothschilds as Israel mean their own dynasty – both the banking system that’s running it and the Mossad are controlled by this strange dynasty, and say what you like, but the Rothschild are strange and not because they’re Jews.


This morning I went to the Post Office to transfer some of my – my? – money from the bank account to the visa electron “Poste Pay” because you wordpress.com and facebook do not accept payments from my bank account but you do from the visa electron PostePay, it’s December and I would like to go on writing without reverting to the free-plan, I need to re-charge the usable-on-internet card; I can’t take more than €250 per day, this means I have to go back tomorrow, to have a card that allows me join paypal I’d have to pay much more in yearly fee to “keep” the bank account, moreover Mario Monti a mason and former unelected Prime Minister slave of the banking system and of the EU made it compulsory to have a bank account and set limits to the withdrawal of cash, I’m not the only one, two of the other people at the Post office were refused to withdraw the sum of cash they wanted, they have to go up and down the Post Office to withdraw the money they want – which is legally their own – maybe I’ll meet them also tomorrow, we all have to go up and down the Post Office every day. Add that unlike yesteryear there weren’t any Christmas decoration in the Office, it looked like a  normal period which it is not, thanks, NWO.

I hate you. I’ll do whatever I can to destroy you.

We must revert to the unlimited use of cash, to the law that since the money belong to the individual and not to the bank, the bank must give the money to the accountant, it must not be compulsory to have a bank or post office account etc. And people can use their own money all in once if they want to.

I believe that everyone who’s not a banker must be against the NWO, even very rich people who may be entrepreneurs or rich for some other reasons, they must be careful, because the bankers treat them like slaves too, they must be against the banking system. As for the Israelis, I would like to know whether they realize the role Rothschild gave them in the world.

Add two other disturbing details: it looks very much like they are preparing us for the “Greek” situation – I’m in Italy –

And the Italian State is ready to indebt us even more with other 20 billions euro to “save the banks” and not to nationalize the failing MPS, which would mean that the Italian State are putting money into it, but to buy and to become the owner of this bank that may be used in the interests of the italian citizens, a good state owned bank, but no, as Beppe Grillo said, they are giving the money away to keep the actual CdA – administration board- so the bank risks to remain in the hands of the very same people who made it fail. Grillo added that if the State were actually buying the actually failing bank and used it on behalf of the italian citizens he would have voted the decree, but like this, it is basically giving taxpayers’ money to save the imbeciles who made the bank fail, and the list of imbeciles and main losers if the bank goes bankrupt is kept secret by the Privacy warrantor, Mr. Antonello Soro,


Antonello Soro, Privacy Guarantor and member of the same Party that run the bank MPS

who’s a member of the PD party that actually run – very badly – the bank to be saved and who may have his own money in the bank to be “saved”. We want to know the list of names of people who’ll be saved by the bankruptcy with this “SaveBanks Decree”, there may be the very same politicians who want to give taxpayers’ money to…actually themselves, which would mean they are taking taxpayers’ money for themselves, maybe even Napolitano or Padoan are in the secret list… No privacy, we have the right to know, otherwise, Grillo is right, why doesn’t the State, with all those money, simply buy the bank? And the EU? The EU that pretends to be against State aid and officially prohibits the bail-out? It always allows it if it is in favour of the banking system instead because the EU is on the side of the NWO.

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