I’m fed up, and no, I don’t believe terrorists leave ID on the terror attack’s site. Do you believe it? Really?

Again, the terrorist would have left his ID on the truck he used to do the massacre, it was like this also in Paris, in Paris he left the ID on the Panda or whatever middle class car … or it was the Citroen etc, he used. No, I don’t believe it, the more they find these “evidences” the more I think badly. It’s the establishment or the Israelis, there was again an israeli agent on the crime scene as reported by Panamza.

You know what? God make justice, may no innocent be accused of these terror attacks, may the real guilty ones be punished according to the Lord’s justice and will.  And so be also for the refugee crisis, Syria and the human and drug traffics.

Israelian decorated by Shimon Peres (another state criminal) on the ground of the terror attack minutes before the strike


I wouldn’t like to think badly, but are we sure, it’s not the Israelis who are trying to make us hate the arabs the way they do in the ME?

Israel is notoriously a terror state ever since the first big blow, the King David Hotel terror attack against the British, and it’s a state where people involved in terror attacks across the world they are pushed high in the state machine hierarchy. Till Prime Minister and President and Chief of the Mossad.

I want you Readers to pray for God to enlighten our minds and make us see things as they truly are and do the right thing. I don’t want innocent people to be accused.

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